Michele Tecchia – Why You Should Invest in Monaco’s Real Estate Market

The Principality of Monaco is a genuine paradise nestled between the borders of Italy and France. Making your home in this paradise is a financially wise and personally rewarding choice. Michele Tecchia acknowledges that decision to make this city your home puts you in a position to enjoy a way of life that is unlike any other.

Although not every house in this city-state has the most prestigious addresses in the world, the Principality is so prestigious, which is one of many reasons that many people from around the world choose to make their homes here.

This area is a sparkling coastal city home to grand casinos, haute couture stores and belle époque hotels. Michele Tecchia highlights a few of the numerous reasons why you should make this Principality your permanent residence.

Michele Tecchia : About Living in Monaco

Michele Tecchia believes that living in this city is like having a party every day, and it has its perks regarding tax breaks. One may save a significant amount of money on various taxes in this Principality, including those on assets and income if they have a good income and formally reside in Monaco.

Since the city-state is not a member of the European Union, residents are not required to comply with European mandates and directives. This place is subject to customs charges and VAT because of its long-standing heritage of trade and settlement with France, which is located nearby.

Since the year 1870, inhabitants of this area have not been subject to a personal income tax. This rule applies to individuals with Monegasque nationality and those born in a country other than this Principality. Unfortunately, French citizens who live in this city and have the Principality as their primary residence are subject to income tax.

However, Michele Tecchia believes that residents who engage in commercial or industrial operations with a foreign turnover that is more than 25% of the entire turnover are subject to an income tax that is 33.33%, and this applies even to the money generated from activities that take place inside this area.

In addition, an income tax of 33.33% must be paid by businesses that get revenue from patents or other forms of intellectual property rights. A proportion that Michele Tecchia believes is more advantageous compared to the tax payment required in other nations.

Michele Tecchia : Why Live in Monaco?


Monaco is known for its striking image and smart, cultured and laid-back way of life. The Principality is known for its expensive real estate and sunny location by the water. Michele Tecchia says this city is what you make it, and it boasts a wonderful range of stores, restaurants and pubs, not to mention a magnificent coastline. The scenery is stunning, and the vibe is one of making the most of every moment. You may also enjoy yachting, ski resorts not too far away and events throughout the year.

Real Estate & Tax Haven

Michele Tecchia understands being a resident of this place entitles one to numerous tax advantages, including exemption from taxation on international income, which is a prerequisite for owning a luxury property in the Principality.

This place may be on Europe’s most expensive rung of the property ladder but it is home to a wide variety of magnificent homes that have contributed to the international recognition of the Principality’s outstanding real estate. This Principality is home to several exceptional assets, including residential and buy-to-let properties.

Secure and Clean

Every square inch of this Principality has CCTV cameras that are operational around the clock, making it one of the safest places worldwide. The city streets and gardens are exquisitely maintained and kept very clean, contributing to this place’s reputation as a charming and pleasurable location.

The Weather and Scenery

This Principality is encircled on all sides by the picture-perfect French Riviera. Not only is this state close to Provence and the Cote d’Azur, but it is also close to the breathtaking Italian Riviera. Due to its location on the western coast of the Mediterranean Sea, the city-state has an average of 300 sunny days each year. Residents also enjoy the enchanting atmosphere along the coast and the beautiful environment of the Southern Alps, including Mount Agel, located on the border with France.

A Gleaming Future

As a future-oriented country with a relatively limited physical footprint (2 square kilometres), this state is continually looking for inventive ways to improve its urban environment and build its Principality into a greater and better place than ever.

This state has a long heritage of recovering land from the ocean, and this time-honoured practice will be carried on by an exciting new development that will add 15 acres of land to the Principality. In addition, many construction projects are now underway in this city. These projects include the construction of a new college, a new hospital and other residential and commercial complexes. According to Michele Tecchia and the citizens, this state is continually progressing positively.


As a result of the Principality’s diminutive size, navigating its various areas is a breeze. According to Michele Tecchia, driving your car is more of a hassle than an easy journey due to the minimal parking spaces, the generally heavy traffic and even roadblocks during the Monte Carlo Formula One Grand Prix. If you want to avoid these problems, consider taking public transportation. Walking is another viable alternative that people may consider in addition to the many public transit choices, including a water bus.

Community and Security

As a result of Prince Rainier III’s proclamation that “This state must have comprehensive security,” the police force in the Principality has evolved to become the most cutting-edge and effective in all of Europe. Given the modest population, this city is also the largest in terms of per capita and total size.


This state is home to prominent international schools and universities, along with some of the best public schools in the world for kids of all ages. Comparatively, most public school classes are presented in French, whilst international schools offer the baccalaureate curriculum in English.

Education is one of the most significant advantages for families living in this area and one of the most notable attractions for families moving to the country from other countries.


Michele Tecchia believes you have the makings of a gourmet treat if you combine an opulent lifestyle, a sizable number of wealthy real estate owners and an international population on the Mediterranean and then stir all those ingredients together. This Principality is home to many gourmet and fine dining restaurants, which boast Michelin stars and Tables du Monde dining experiences. These restaurants provide award-winning, fine-dining menus.

International Activities

This state is a bustling country that plays host to a significant number of international gatherings, events and presentations. In addition to the daily events that occur each year, such as the Rose Ball in March and the Red Cross Ball in August, there will be a Super Car display called “Top Marques” that will include luxury automobiles priced at one million dollars or more. In addition, the Grand Prix de Monaco, the Monte Carlo Tennis Masters, the International Jumping of Monaco and the Monaco Yacht Show also occur annually.

The promenade at Porte Hercule is regularly transformed into a Christmas village yearly during the holiday season. This Christmas village has several attractions and kiosks serving fresh oysters, champagne and delectable grilled meat. Even during the holiday season, you can buy oliebollen, which is why so many Dutch people in the south of France go to this state and have a hidden desire to call this place home one day.

Also, this Principality is renowned not only for the opulent residences and architectural real estate wonders that it produces but also for its rich cultural agenda. The city-state hosts its opera, ballet and philharmonic orchestra and yearly international events such as the Spring Arts Festival. In addition to art galleries and exhibition spaces, the Grimaldi Forum is a cultural hub recognised for its excellence.

Bottom Line

As you have read, Monaco is one of the top real estate spots globally, thanks to its activities, scenery and lifestyle. Monaco promises its resident the best of all worlds, which draws property purchasers as one of the top real estate spots in the world. You can contact Michele Tecchia for more information on choosing luxury houses for sale in this Principality.

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