Why You Should Have a Commercial Induction Cooker in Your Kitchen

commercial induction cooker at home

In the past, gas was regarded as superior to any induction cooking surfaces on the market. Even many professional chefs did not believe that one day an induction cooktop will win over its gas counterpart. However, many are the benefits of choosing a commercial induction cooker. We know there are so many valid options on the market that it’s difficult not to get lost or overwhelmed with all the information available. Here is why we have summarized for you some of the advantages of commercial induction stoves.

Why Should You Choose a Commercial Induction Cooker?

Induction cooking refers to generating heat through electromagnetic energy. An induction cooktop uses a series of electrical components and a large, thin copper coil to generate magnetic resistance in the induction stove. This resistance generates heat at the bottom of the cooking vessel, rather than on the surface of the induction cooktop itself, and then heats the food. When the food is done, simply remove the pot from the induction range, and the heat source is cut off immediately, and your cooker will start to cool as well.

At first glance, induction cooking seems to be the perfect way to cook. It is wickedly fast and provides precise temperature control via the pressure of a touchpad. Here is what makes this cooking surface so unique.


Cooking on an induction cooktop is much faster because energy is transferred directly within the pan metal, according to CNET. In other words, an electric current goes through the coil and generates a fluctuating magnetic field. Eddy current makes the iron molecules of the vessel to move at a high speed and irregularly. They collide and friction with each other, thus generating heat. If you own a restaurant, the ability to cook food faster also means higher profits for you.


Traditional gas stoves have only 40 percent of an effective heat conversion rate. That means higher fuel costs for restaurateurs. However, if you use a countertop induction stove, the heat from the electrical conversion is directly generated on the pot.This also means that up to 95% of the heat energy goes to cooking.


Cooking produces a large number of oil stains and soot, especially in a commercial kitchen. However, it is effortless to clean the commercial induction cooktop. You don’t even need to worry about grease or grates. All you need is a damp cloth to wipe its surface, and you’re set to go! The smooth stainless steel surface is not easy to get dirty, so regular cleaning can keep the commercial induction cooker clean and extend the service life.


In comparison to traditional gas stoves, an induction cooktop is also much safer. Commercial induction cooker performs cooking without the open flame, avoiding safety accidents like gas explosions or others. An excellent ventilation system ensures that the surrounding cooking temperature is consistent with room temperature, and the high temperature will not affect the chef’s work.


If compared to traditional gas cooktops, the commercial induction cooker isfar more energy-efficient. If you use an induction cooktop, 90 cents to every dollar spent on energy is going directly into cooking. With a gas cooktop, on the other hand, only 55% of the heat goes, while it’s 65% or higher for different electric ranges. That means you can save a lot of money, too. Besides, when the pan is removed from the cooking surface, the induction cooktop will go automatically into a standby mode. That means no wasted energy, too.

As we have just discovered together, a countertop induction cooktop has many benefits, especially if you own one or more restaurants. Stay ahead of the competition and order your commercial induction cooker today from Smabo. They have been the first and most successful commercial induction cooker manufacturers in China since 2003. Contact them, and you can buy your next commercial induction cooker at a factory price!

So, do you want one? Head over to https://www.qxcooker.com/induction-soup-maker-machine-with-single-burner.html.

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