Why You Should Consider Tipi Hire For Your Wedding

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If you want a memorable wedding experience, then something a little different from the norm might be called for. A tipi wedding is definitely a break from the conventional, and it can really give your big day a unique look and feel. 

Here is why you might want to consider a tipi wedding. 

  1. Decor You Can Control

Are you tired of all the restrictions that are being placed on you by other wedding venues you have looked at? You might not have much say over what kind of carpets are used, or what the wallpaper looks like, but with a tipi, you have a venue that is easily customizable. You can choose the catering service you want, as well as the decorations to make the wedding uniquely yours. 

  1. A Natural Setting

A tipi wedding gives you the chance to make the most of an outdoor environment, says Origami Marquees. You will be protected from the elements in the tipi, but still be able to take in the natural ambiance, enjoy the breeze, and hear the sounds of nature. Many tipi venues are strategically placed in areas that take full advantage of a beautiful natural environment, amid grassy fields or next to lush forests. 

  1. A Great Stress Reliever

One of the advantages to using a tipi is that the outdoor experience is really great for lowering stress levels. The natural air and the sights and sounds of nature all around are a calming influence that can be a big blessing on that day where people tend to be very stressed. 

  1. Impress Your Guests

If you want to make an impact with your wedding, why not choose something that is different from other weddings they have attended? A tipi wedding can give them something they will be talking about for years, and it will definitely be Instagram worthy. 

  1. Use Unique Catering Options

Because your wedding venue will be open to the elements, you can take advantage of that and use catering choices that would not be available to you with an indoor setting. Food trucks are a great option because they offer you hot food made fresh and give you lots of menu options, says TheKnot. You can hire one favourite or choose several different types to give your guests some variety. 

  1. An Impressive backdrop 

Taking the wedding outdoors gives you and your guests tons of great photo opportunities. You can add decorations to the outdoors area if you like to make it more ethereal or serene, and you can choose a location that offers breath-taking vistas and a great environment for taking pictures.

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