Why You Need RV Skirting – The Benefits

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RV camping has gained popularity over the years, and while many are used to summer camping, winter RV camping is also gaining traction. Summer RV camping is easy because there are many products available for to make RV camping in summer as comfortable as possible, and people are used to it. However, winter RV camping presents many challenges, and this where the need for RV Skirting comes in. But what is RV skirting, and why is it important?

What Is RV Skirting?

RV skirting is the material placed around the bottom of the RV. It is meant to offer underneath protection from cold temperatures. The skirting offers a great way to make you warm in the cold months. People are also using RV skirting to keep them cool during the summer as well. 

When buying RV skirting, it is essential to know that these products are available in different shapes, sizes, and materials. Airskirt offers a unique, patent-pending, and inflatable skirting system that uses natural insulation and is easy to install. These RV skirting systems are tried, tested, and proven. Therefore, if you’re looking for quality RV skirting for your camper, look no further than Airskirt. Below are the benefits of Airskirt…

1. RV Skirting Protect Tanks and Pipes

During cold weather, your camper’s plumbing system requires protection. If the pipes are exposed to harsh weather, and the temperatures are very low, there is a risk that pipes can become frozen. If there is water in the pipes when this happens, the pipes may burst. This can be very expensive to repair, depending on the damage. Besides the expensive repair costs, you will go without water if this burst pipe occurs, which will cause huge inconvenience, especially if you are away from a water source. This is where AirSkirt RV system comes in. With camper skirting, you can protect your pipes from freezing. The skirting seals off air from underneath your camper from the outside air. You can then warm up the trapped air and use air regulators and other components to maintain the temperature.

2. RV Skirting Keeps You Warmer and Comfortable

If the underside of your camper is warm, the inside will be warm as well. By warming and separating the air column under the camper, you get an extra layer of insulation under the rig, which helps keep the RV warm from the inside. This process works the same as the double pane windows principle. 

3. You Get Extra Storage

For any camping enthusiast, storage is never enough. One benefit of RV skirting is that you can get extra storage under your RV. Once you skirt your RV, you can use the space to store luggage and other camping accessories.

4. RV Skirting Will Protect Your Tires

When it comes to winter or summer camping, it is essential to protect your RV tires. If you camp for a extended period of time, the tires can get dry rot. Dry rot is simply when the tires dry out and get cracks. This happens when you leave the tires in the same spot and they are exposed to harsh weather conditions. You can prevent this problem with the AirSkirt RV system, which will extends the lifespan of your tires.

For more information, check out http://www.airskirts.com/.



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