Why the UK has the Lowest Price for Hearing Aids?

The UK market is one of the most competitive markets for hearing aids. You can buy Oticon Real, Starkey Genesis, Signia Pure Charge & Go, Phonak Lumity, Resound Omnia and Widex Moment at an unbelievably lower price in the UK compared to the US, Australia and anywhere else in Europe. In this article, I elaborate on a few of these factors.

In the UK you can receive hearing aids for free!

Yes, that’s true. The free NHS hearing aids in the UK are not the top of the range, but for many patients are good enough. They are BTE model and often battery-powered. The accessibility of a large group of customers to free NHS hearing aids means less demand for private hearing aids hence a downward pressure on the price of premium hearing aids.

Excellent educational institutions for audiology

The UK is a powerhouse of education. There are more than 10 small and large institutions that train and develop 100s of audiologists for the UK market every year. Such throughput means there is no shortage of hearing aid professionals which is a factor in the supply of hearing care services in the market. Again, more supply, more competition, lower prices.

Hybrid model hearing care providers

The lockdown in 2021 encouraged the manufacturing companies of hearing aids to develop technologies for remote programming of hearing aids through the smartphone of the wearer. Such step change in technology opened up the door for hybrid model hearing care providers such as HearingNow who run hearing care services in multiple locations in London, but also offer a wide range of hearing aids to their customers globally online. Nothing can replace an in-clinic test and fitting of hearing aids, however for those patients who have a recent hearing test the door is now open to purchase their next hearing aid at a much cheaper price, and receive it programmed and ready to wear. the company offers 5 years of warranty and aftercare that includes unlimited reprogramming of the hearing aids in-clinic or remotely.

Entrepreneurial environment

Availability of all components needed to develop a new product and market, the UK offers a lot for any kind of business venture to start up and grow fast. The banking system, finances, and availability of specialists in acoustics and marketing allow a healthy but tight competition in the domain of hearing care and hearing aids.

Ageing population

Just like other developing markets, the UK also suffers from an ageing population. This means that the demand for hearing care services and hearing aids is growing. When the pie is growing, so is the competition that brings more offerings and lower prices to the consumer. If you need a hearing aid, check out hearingnow.co.uk now.

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