Why Should You Choose StrideCharge As Your Next Adventure Partner?

It’s true when they say, “You are just one bike ride away from a good mood.” But, what if your phone battery dies in the middle of your ride? You definitely won’t be in a good mood!

StrideCharge has developed a unique product that will charge your phone wirelessly so you can enjoy your ride and not worry about your phone’s battery dying. 

The StrideCharge iPhone Charge Case and Bike Mount Bundle is what you need to take with you on your next bike ride.

The thought behind StrideCharge iPhone Case and Bike Mount

The creators of StrideCharge are exactly like you- bike enthusiasts who love to go on adventures.

Because of this, the founders of StrideCharge designed this highly innovative product for all the zealous cyclists out there who wish to keep their phones securely mounted to their bike and have the ability to charge it wirelessly.

In an interview, one of the team members of StrideCharge said, “Our main goal was to introduce a useful yet functional product that is essential for every cyclist and bike rider out there. Most of our team members are avid lovers of cycling, who know the problems one could face during a ride. Keeping all this in mind, we developed the StrideCharge iPhone Cases which are equipped with wireless charging, as well as a Bike Mount that will securely attach these iPhone Cases to your bike’s handlebars .” 

All about StrideCharge iPhone Charge Case and Bike Mount 

StrideCharge iPhone Charge Case is a tech accessory that is designed to wireless charge your phone with the touch of a button. The Bike Mount is designed to keep your phone secure and within view on all your bike rides. This way, you can continue listening to your all favorite music, use various apps, and basically do anything you do on your phone, anytime, anywhere!

StrideCharge’s iPhone Charge Case is not only for cycling or biking. You can use it pretty much wherever life takes you! Be it for long road trips, hiking, camping, boating, or your everyday errands- you name it.

Why can StrideCharge iPhone Case and Bike Mount be your best partner on your next adventure?

Here are some reasons why you should consider taking StrideCharge on whatever next adventure you pick:

Charge your phone on the go

With this innovative product, you can conveniently charge your iPhone without requiring a cord or any charging outlet.

With the StrideCharge iPhone Case, you can use any applications such as iTunes or Navigation without worrying about your phone’s battery dying.

With the touch of a button, you can stay stress free knowing your phone’s battery won’t drain on any of your adventures.

Secure mounting

By mounting your phone on your bike, you will be able to ride more confidently, knowing your phone is safe and secure. The no-slip, tight grip of StrideCharge’s Bike Mount will ensure you make it through the most robust and rigid terrains without having a fear of dropping your phone.

The Bike Mount can be adjusted to fit most handlebars and requires no tools to install. 

The StrideCharge iPhone Case and the Bike mount are both made of high-quality materials like ABS and TPU, which are highly shock absorbent and can withstand a lot of pressure without breaking. 

StrideCharge has created value for its customers and receives countless positive reviews. Now forget about locating power sources beforehand and go on a ride fearlessly! 

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