Why Senior Homes and Residences are Investing in Watcherr

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With several health distress systems on the market, senior homes and residences have difficulty in knowing which system is the right one for their staff and residents’ needs. Through the use of cutting-edge technology, the Watcherr health distress system sets itself apart from others on the market. Watcherr is a proactive health monitoring and distress system with indoor and outdoor location tracking. It helps people in distress and also improves staff efficiency in senior homes and residences. 

Falls can be detected

Watcherr’s technology is sensitive enough to detect different movements in an X-Y-Z axis. In this way, the Watcherr can accurately detect a fall instead of confusing the movement for a hand gesture. If a resident bends down to the floor to collect an item which fell, the fall detection alert will not be activated. However, if a resident falls to the ground and remains on the ground, the Watcherr system automatically sends an alert to the care worker to inform them of the fall.

Proactively monitors health patterns

According to the Belgian Heart Association approximately 10,000 people in Belgium 

die from cardiac arrest each year. This figure can be drastically reduced if senior homes and residences are equipped with detection systems. The Watcherr system can detect irregular heart rates, in addition to other health deviations such as irregular sleeping and eating patterns, and even socialisation patterns. In this way, any irregularities can be identified and this information helps to maintain the overall health of the resident.

Predict and prevent

Watcherr makes use of the latest technologies in geo-fencing to continuously monitor senior residents’ indoor and outdoor location. The device is also sensitive enough to track the precise location where people met in the last 14 days and can be applied to equipment such as wheelchairs, blood pressure monitors and other nursing equipment.

Track daily activities

The Watcherr distress system tracks residents’ daily activities such as sleeping patterns, social interactions, toilet activities, and other physiological activities. This can prevent health problems such as diabetes, depression, dementia and malnutrition, amongst others. Watcherr’s tracking of daily activities is translated into data which provides key insights on potential health vulnerabilities. This keeps patients and residents safer and decreases the risks of undetected health problems.

Improve staff efficiency

By making use of the Watcherr system to monitor and alert irregular patterns in 

physiological and emotional behaviours, hospital and residential staff are freed up to 

work on other important care duties. 

Invest in Watcherr

Through the use of cutting-edge technology, Watcherr sets itself apart from other 

competitors on the market. For further information on Watcherr visit https://watcherr.com.



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