Why Plantation Shutters Are the Right Style for Any Home

plantation shutters

Struggling to find the right window treatments for your home? You are not alone. Deciding which window covering to use can be a challenge as there are so many options from simple blinds and drapes to bold, beautiful wood shutters. When thinking of what to do, consider plantation shutters. Here are just a few reasons why plantation shutters are the right style for any home, with help from https://www.thenewenglandshuttercompany.com/.

They Maintain Their Beauty

Standard drapes, blinds, and average window treatment options show wear and tear early. Stains, rips, and tears call for the window covering to be changed out completely. However, plantation shutters offer a more durable window treatment option. These quality built shutters resist wear and tear offering a permanent solution for the home rather than the option of having to change out curtains once a year or more often. Even though solid wood shutters (see here) may cost more in the beginning, they pay the owner back over time due to their ultimate durability.

Optimal Temperature Control

Unless you live in an area that maintains a constant perfect temperature throughout the year, much of your home’s monthly expenses will go toward heating and cooling the home. Blinds, drapes, and curtains do little to maintain interior temperature, so heating costs go up in the winter while cooling costs skyrocket in the summer. There is not much that can be done about increased energy costs coming from utility companies, but you can work to control the temperature in your home. No matter the size of your home, installing plantation shutters will alleviate some of your temperature control issues.

Plantation shutters allow the homeowner to control temperature by opening and closing the slats. During the heat of the day in summer, shutters can be closed tight to keep the sun from heating up your space. In the deep freeze of winter, slats can be opened allowing the suns rays to warm the space. If you want optimal temperature control.

Adapt to Any Décor

Plantation shutters are not simply a way to cover your windows and they are not simply available in one color or style. When you trust in beautiful plantation shutters, you can design the entire space around the shutters using them as an anchor for your interior décor or choose to purchase shutters to match your interior décor already in the home. No matter which you choose to do, plantation shutters are among the most versatile window treatment options with an endless array of colors and wood stains to choose from.

Ideal for Privacy

Some homes are in a perfectly private area and therefore privacy is a non-issue, but the vast majority of homes are built on busy streets and unfortunately in some bad neighborhoods. The need for privacy is paramount in these instances and standard window treatment options leave gaps even when closed perspective thieves may choose to exploit. You work hard for your home and while you are there or away for a while, thieves do not need to be given an avenue to take advantage of. Plantation shutters close tightly giving no way for outsiders or those that would invade your space a way to do so. Keep your private life private with plantation shutters.

Add Value

Homes that are properly maintained and offer a move in ready look tend to get more attraction from perspective buyers along with higher offers, according to this article. That is substantially important in the growingly competitive world of real estate. Kitchens and bathrooms are said to be the largest draw to potential buyers, according to the IrishTimes.com, but that is not the only thing they look at. Buyers want to know that they are buying a home they can move into without complication. Having plantation shutters already installed within the home means the new owners will have less expenses from buying brand new window treatments.

Even if you are not currently in the market to sell you home, situations change and little changes made now will have a great impact on any changes in the future. Plantation shutters are simply a smart investment for anyone no matter their home style.

Your home is likely the largest investment you will make in your life, according to https://www.today.com/home/buying-home-here-are-10-things-you-should-know-t121394, and taking care of that investment is important. Installing plantation shutters is an investment into your home’s future offering privacy, temperature, control and ultimate beauty for a lifetime. Do the right thing for your home, and its individual style. Install plantation shutters in your home today.

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