Why Opt for Academic Appeals Through Attorneys in Pennsylvania?

Img Source - Haaretz Daily

Education is an expensive affair in most parts of the world. Most countries have provisions for providing school-level education but higher education, be it undergraduate or postgraduate, will cost you a huge amount of money. So you must keep your academic progress and other related academic requirements in perfect balance with the requirements of the educational institution.

But more often than not, students face some or the other sort of disciplinary action from the university. This might be due to academic dissatisfaction or unfair practice in the education system of the institution. If the disciplinary action against a student is not by any fault from the student side but misinformation or mishaps in the personal life of the student, then he/she can go for an appeal.

But making sure that your case is worthy of an appeal requires skilled layers with enough experience in academic appeals. Fortunately, a reputed academic appeals attorney can easily help you in understanding the complex loopholes of student discipline defense.

If you feel that the university/institution has taken a decision that affects the future of your education on no fairgrounds, then you have all the right to go for an academic appeal.

There are different types of academic appeal depending on the situation of academic displeasure. Some of the most common ones are as follows:

  • Grade appeals.
  • Probation appeals
  • Academic suspension appeal
  • Academic dismissal appeals

Most universities/institutions have two major grounds based on which they adhere to the complaint. Improper conduct and extenuating circumstances are the two main grounds on which your appeal should be built.

Improper Conduct

If the education institution is at fault with the conduction of the course/program, irregularity in the grading and running of an exam, improper marking of attendance, or any other academic-related issues, then you can easily file an appeal.

Extenuating Circumstances

Any unpredictable and unfortunate event that unfolded in the life of the student which might have adversely affected his/her academic progression can be seen as a pure case of extenuating circumstance. Death of a dear one, any abrupt disease to the student or close family, or any personal event like marriage can all be classified as reasons.

The most difficult part is understanding what stands valid for an appeal and whether justice is on your side or the institutions. To conclude, it is best to take advice from an academic appeal lawyer who provides nationwide service.

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