Why Office 365 is Better Than On-Premises Exchange

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Organizations are finding new and innovative methods for managing their spending on infrastructure costs. One of the most common and simplest methods of achieving this is by pivoting towards cloud technology. In the past, it was common for organizations to have their on-premises Exchange within their own data center along with experts who can handle the technical challenges of managing such an environment. Back in the day, it was relatively easy to exercise complete control over the Exchange environment as most of the common tasks could be managed on a single-core processor with a couple of servers. Today’s email solutions are much more complex. They require to adhere to regulatory and compliance norms apart from managing core email, document management, and archiving solutions. This is where an Office 365 subscription is better than an on-premises Exchange solution.

How Does Office 365 Exchange Compre with On-Premises Exchange?

Several factors affect the performance of on-premises Exchange servers. An issue as trivial as a power cut can paralyze operations. Infrastructure issues are quite common for organizations managing their own operations. Additionally, the hardware required to run these operations are resource-intensive. With Office 365, these problems are virtually non-existent. Microsoft does all the heavy lifting for its customers. There are dedicated teams at all its datacenters to take care of power cuts, hardware maintenance, and security. Additionally, it ensures that customer data is highly available by creating backups and duplicates at different datacenters to which you will failover in the event that the server hosting your content goes down. Additionally, Exchange Online with Office 365 provides most of the important features of the on-premises Exchange Server along with further additions without the overhead of maintenance or hardware management. The system is far more resilient to disruptions, and users can continue to access it using alternative devices.

How Do the Operational and Licensing Costs Compare?

On-premises Exchange Servers are expensive particularly in terms of the upfront costs involved. There are different licensing requirements such as server license, user license, Exchange license, and so on. There are additional regulatory compliances required of organizations to run these servers in house. This becomes a particularly challenging aspect when your organization is downsizing. While you will be consuming fewer resources, the costs associated with operations will remain stagnant. 

The licensing model of Office 365 is a much better alternative. There is much greater flexibility both in terms of payments and features. Unlike the on-premises version, you can add different tenants and subscription plans for users. So, you can choose to provide certain features to a few users while opting for a different plan for the other. You only pay for the user licenses of the employees who are still working for you and pay only for the plans whose features you require. Maintenance of the hardware is managed by Microsoft, and SLAs protect the availability.

Are There Any Benefits in Terms of Maintenance for Office 365?

Maintaining any on-premises infrastructure is resource-intensive. It takes a lot of time and resources simply to ensure that the servers are up and running. Additionally, there must be an installation of security patches, hotfixes, and version upgrades that have to be performed at regular intervals. A dedicated IT team is necessary for user and account management. With Office 365, a lot of this overhead is reduced. A simple portal is available for managing these administrative tasks. Much fewer operators are required for managing users with Office 365 subscriptions especially if you are using only the basic features.

How Does the User Experience in Office 365 Compare with On-Premises Exchange?

The user interface is the same in both cases. If anything, users can now access their emails on their mobile and home PCs adding to improved user experience. While there could be a slight delay that may be observed as the cloud infrastructure is not in the same place as the office, in most cases, the higher availability makes up for the delay.

Migrate from On-Premises Exchange to Office 365

An on-premises Exchange to Office 365 migration can improve productivity, predictability, and security of essential email services. As a tier 1 Microsoft CSP, Apps4Rent provides Office 365 migration and other allied cloud services at promotional prices with 24/7 phone, chat, and email support.



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