Why is it Best to Use an Acid-Free Photo Frame Board?

acid free photo frame

Acid occurs naturally in both paper and framing materials, says this page. It can lead to the deterioration or yellow spots. At the same time, it can damage beyond repair the artwork displayed. This is one of the reasons why you should consider buying an acid-free photo frame board (https://dymatboard.com/products/).

Yet the mat boards selection depends on the result you want to achieve. Acid-free mat boards meant to preserve artwork, usually come with fewer colour options, as dyes can harm the paper. Professional-grade mat boards can be used for almost anything ranging from museum displays to framing family photos at home. Those are acid-free photo frames that can be designed with a wide variety of colours, without the hazardous potential. 

Mat Board Acidity and Acid-Free Photo Frames

The mat board acidity is established by how long it will last and how it will react concerning environmental damage. 

The main source of paper is Lignin, a chemical that can lead to discoloration and deterioration. It happens naturally in trees and several other plants, as its main purpose is to keep wood fiber together. Even though the paper is usually obtained from wood pulp, true acid-free paper is achieved with the aid of rags. Of course, there are a couple more materials used for designing acid-free mat boards, including wood pulp or cotton.

Art and photos require acid-free paper and acid-free framing solutions. With this, their durability will increase, while damage will be less likely to occur. The main items that can deteriorate artwork if you select wrong products, include:

  • Mat board quality;
  • Filler board quality;
  • Backing paper quality;
  • Adhesives.

The issue with these is that they can simply feature wood pulp that hasn’t been correctly treated to remove lignin and increase alkalinity. Hence, investing in acid-free photo frames can turn out to be beneficial no matter if you are looking for a professional or a DIY mat board project. 

Which Mat Board is Good for Photo Framing?

A common question revolving around choosing a mat board and using it as a photo frame is how to identify the best one. There are a couple of characteristics you need to consider, such as:

  • Thickness – depth provides a professional appearance, while sturdiness prevents the mat from folding;
  • Acidity – acid-free mat boards are long-lasting and preserve the artwork on display;
  • Cut accuracy – there are available pre-cut mat boards and uncut mat boards, from which you can choose depending on your needs and preferences;
  • Styles – mat boards can have a couple of distinct designs such as smooth or textured. 

The Best Acid-Free Mat Boards at Dymatboard

At Dymatboard, you will find a wide range of acid-free mat boards, recommended even by the worldwide popular brand IKEA. Customers recommend them as the most professional mat board manufacturer, as they offer personalized solutions to suit any type of project. No matter if you seek for pre-cut mat boards, uncut mat boards or simply for some acid-free photo frames, you will have a wide range of products available from which you can choose. 

They always focus on offering the best customer service experience, while their qualitative products are viewed as the most professional mat boards in China.

It is also worth checking out Amazon for mat boards – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mat-Board-Center-Acid-Free-Pictures/dp/B076FJYK6M.

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