Why Favor a Fiberglass Encloser?

Several industrial instrumentations and tools are fragile and vulnerable enough to be damaged easily. This seems true for water management, and water treatment tools and equipment. In such a scenario, the demand is to protect the sensitive tools against damaging elements so that regular business can continue. The best option to shield sensitive equipment and instruments is to invest in fiberglass enclosers. The durability, versatility, and long-term protection are some of the striking aspects of fiberglass cabinets or enclosures that make them so popular and widely used in a wide range of industries.

An idea about fiberglass

Also referred to as silicate fiber, fiberglass comprises mainly glass and is used in a wide array of applications. Fiberglass is often used in residential and commercial thermal insulation. Furthermore, it is used in creating products like electrical enclosures, automobile bodies, shower curtains, tent poles, roofing, arrows, and the list goes on. Concerning insulation purposes, fiberglass aids in slowing the spread of heat, cold, and sound in cars, and aircraft. Studies claim that fiberglass used for thermal insulation can reduce energy costs by 40% or more, making it appealing for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes.

What are fiberglass enclosers?

The use of fiberglass enclosures has gained immense popularity in the industrial sector for a wide range of applications. The prime motive for using fiberglass enclosures is to seek chemical resistance benefits in corrosive applications and is used in making tubs, according to Forbes. The fiberglass can be easily molded under heat and pressure, thereby making fiberglass enclosers potent enough to handle dangerous properties easily. Apart from handling hazardous chemical products, they can also operate outdoors and indoors without complaints. Thanks to their robust frame capable of handling extreme weather conditions. Enclosures made from materials other than fiberglass fail to handle dangerous properties.

Comparing fiberglass enclosures and polycarbonate enclosures

Polycarbonate enclosures are quite popular, and often considered in several industrial applications. But when there is a comparison between fiberglass enclosures and polycarbonate enclosures, the former is way ahead in the majority of the categories. Polycarbonate enclosures are a big no especially, when in environments that deal with organic solvents and functioning directly under the sun.

Fiberglass enclosures have the reputation for a wide temperature range varying from -40oC to 121oC. Furthermore, fiberglass can easily withstand load because of its electrical properties and is perfect for wet, and corrosive environments. Compared with polycarbonate enclosures, fiberglass cabinets seem to be more cost-effective especially, when repairing and replacement are required due to malfunctioning. When one considers the pros that are associated with fiberglass enclosures , more preference is given to fiberglass enclosures over polycarbonate cabinets.

Long durability and elastic

One of the primary reasons for favoring fiberglass enclosures is because of their durability and elasticity, which is why the BBC is covering how they are being used for solid structures. The incredible features of fiberglass make the enclosures stand strong against scorching heat, chilling ice, heavy rain, snow, strong winds, and anything that Mother Nature throws against it. The best part is that fiberglass enclosures used for industrial purposes require very less maintenance and are long-lasting. Moreover, fiberglass is elastic and can withstand impacts, which means it can bounce back to its original form. Businesses can also set up custom ventilation systems so that the tools, instruments, and equipment can insulate against heat and cold weather conditions effectively.

Quick set-up process

Another reason for favoring fiberglass enclosers over other materials is that fiberglass is lightweight, thereby easy to move from one place to other. This also means that setting up a new fiberglass enclosure is easy and quick. There is no wastage of time and even the sensitive and vulnerable equipment and industrial tools get protection without delay. Because the enclosures are pre-fabricated, setting up is a simple and easy process. There is no time spent on the construction of enclosures. All that one has to do is install and secure the enclosure in the given slab area within a few minutes.

Myriad applications

One of the highlighting features of fiberglass enclosures is that they can be utilized in a wide range of applications. The cabinets can be used to store volatile, and toxic chemicals, and even protect sensitive, and fragile electrical wires and pipelines that are hazardous as well as vulnerable to easy damage. Whether one is looking for protecting industrial tools and equipment against extreme weather conditions, corrosive and wet environment, or safe storage of extra tools and gear, a fiberglass enclosure can be the best option.


In water treatment and water management industries, moisture in the environment can play havoc, disrupting sensitive electric wiring, instruments, and other tools. When industrial tools are exposed to excessive moisture, it creates corrosion, which can damage machinery parts within a short time. This is also an important reason for using fiberglass enclosers as fiberglass is moisture-resistant. Fiberglass doesn’t absorb or hold moisture/water, and if it gets wet, restoration to its original value is possible. Proper examination is carried out to identify defects and then cleaned and dried to reuse.

Attractive appearance

There is no doubt a fiberglass cabinet can protect vulnerable and sensitive industrial materials. Apart from offering complete protection, a fiberglass enclosure can also provide a great appearance. Because it is made of high-tech glass materials, the entire look of the cabinet is sleek, contemporary, and most importantly attractive. It is nowhere near appearing sluggish, bulky, or ugly. More and more businesses are investing in fiberglass enclosures because of their functions and aesthetic appeal.


Fiberglass enclosures have emerged as excellent products for protecting important and sensitive industrial tools and equipment. Industries dealing with water treatment and management operations give significant importance to the use of fiberglass cabinets. Fiberglass is known to withhold a wide range of temperatures, thereby making it ideal for extremely hot or cold weather conditions. Because of their versatility, durability, and convenience of setup, fiberglass enclosers are used for multiple applications wide across different industrial sectors. Apart from their incredible operational benefits, fiberglass cabinets are attractive to look at. Furthermore, their cost-effectiveness and moisture-resistance properties also make them a popular choice and a favored over polycarbonate enclosures across the globe.

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