Why Every Small Business Should Use a Virtual Phone System

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Virtual phone systems use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology to send call data over the internet. They are becoming increasingly popular among small business owners due to their ability to work with multiple devices. Traditional office phones, smartphones, computers, and tablets can all make and receive calls. Here are a few reasons why every small business should consider switching to a virtual phone system.


One of the most obvious perks of using a VoIP phone service is flexibility. Because small businesses are always changing and growing, having a reliable phone system is a must. Virtual phone systems can be used anywhere and with any device, making remote work a breeze.

Virtual phone service plans are easy to customize, upgrade, and change whenever you need. This is great for growing teams with various needs. It also means you never have to pay for services you don’t use. Plans are affordable, starting at less than twenty dollars a month.

Ease of Use

Unlike traditional landlines, virtual phone systems don’t require the use of an IT technician to install and maintain. They require no additional wiring or extra equipment. In fact, if you already have devices to use, virtual phone systems come with no hardware costs at all. Service can be quickly set up by anyone and in use within no time. Depending on your needs and your current setup, virtual phone service installation can be as easy as downloading an app.

Customizable Phone Numbers

Small businesses using virtual phone systems may opt for an on-demand phone number. This is a number that you can choose in order to fit in locally. This just provides an extra professional touch to ensure customers see a recognizable number. Customers are significantly more likely to pick up a call from a local area code rather than a generic 1-800 number.

Track Analytics

VoIP services allow businesses to access various metrics like busiest call times and average hold length. It also gives you the option to record any calls to use for later review. This allows for better manager feedback and overall improved customer service.

Collaboration Tools

Virtual phone services allow businesses to use multiple tools for collaboration on one single platform. Through tools like messaging, calling, texting, and video calling, it is easy for teams to stay connected from anywhere. 

Additional Features

Many virtual phone plans allow for upgrades like virtual receptionist services, enhanced call blocking, multi-ring functions, and voicemail transcription. These tools allow your business to constantly grow and improve.



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