Why Eames Dining Chairs Are Here To Stay

eames dining chair

Even if you haven’t heard of Eames or any of their chairs before, I’m sure that you’re known with the design of the famous Eames dining chairs. Charles and Ray Eames wanted to create a dining chair that would be characterized by its quality and design. Their plastic chairs were bound to change the world of design as we know it. More than 80 years later, we all agree that the Eames couple certainly succeeded in reaching their goals.

Eames heavily experimented with a large range of materials, such as plywood and sheet aluminum, before ending up with reinforced glass file polyester resin. The Eames dining chairs were born, equipped with a material that was completely new to the interior category.

Quantity Over Quality? Eames Succeeded in Both

Even though you might not have heard of Eames before, any furniture shop you step into might have an original Eames dining chair (produced by Herman Miller) or a replica in stock. Eames’ fame resulted in many copycats trying to jump on the bandwagon. The first replica appeared over 50 years ago. Even today you are more likely to find a replica of the world-famous dining chair than the original.

But that doesn’t mean that the original version is hard to find. Herman Miller still produces thousands of Eames dining chairs on a monthly basis and sell them (atleast in the UK) through Vitra. By still applying to the original standards set by Ray and Charles Eames, the quality is exactly the same if not better than 80 years ago.

You might expect a mass-manufactured chair to be of an inferior quality. Herman Miller clearly managed to keep the quality up to a certain standard while being able to produce mass quantities.

Timeless Design

The original Eames dining chairs have been around for more than 80 years and have since then only become more popular. For many people across the globe Eames dining chairs are regarded as a lifelong choice. The use of durable materials ensures the end-user that they will never have to buy another set of dining chairs ever again.

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