Why Bamboo Toilet Paper is More Eco Friendly?

bamboo toilet paper
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You must be thinking after looking at the header that why are we even talking about toilet paper? But no matter how ordinary we think it is, we all know that it is an essential item found and used in every household.

The real issue doesn’t lie in the usage of toilet paper but in what goes into creating it. It is shocking that around 27,000 trees are cut down each day to create these toilet rolls. Moreover, all we do is flush down this paper, which comes down from our precious trees trying to cleanse the environment.

This brings our attention to the more recently popular sustainable toilet paper. Let’s take a look at what is sustainable toilet paper and how it can help us.

What is Sustainable Toilet Paper?

Sustainable toilet paper is either recycled or made from a plant-based resource. Recycled paper is less harmful to the environment; however, during production, many chemicals are added to the paper, making it risky for daily use in the long run. As far as plant-based toilet paper is concerned, it is natural, and we have the options of bamboo and hemp. Bamboo toilet paper has become more popular recently since it is widely and easily available.

How does the Bamboo Plant Grow?

Bamboo is essentially grass that grows quickly and doesn’t need chemicals to yield more produce or too much water. It grows to its full potential in a period of 7 years, after which you can reap it every year. Even if you do not replant the crop, bamboo grows again by itself. The raw material can be restocked as soon as it is cut, so there is no wastage or extra crop.

It has natural fibers, so the toilet paper is sturdy. The transportation cost from the plantation to the factory might be high since there are not many bamboo plantations, and they are grown at faraway lands. But it is an organic product without the need to treat or bleach.

Benefits of Bamboo Toilet Paper

Bamboo toilet paper is strong and long-lasting and also absorbs more. Moreover, it has a natural cooling effect. As a raw material, bamboo is super soft and can be easily converted to other finished goods like T-shirts, pillows, sheets, etc. As far as sustainability goes, there is no denying that bamboo plants only take 2 to 4 years to grow and can be easily maintained. It can be used over and over again.

In What Ways does Bamboo Toilet Paper Help the Environment?

Firstly, using bamboos in toilet paper production means that we are saving trees and protecting the environment by reducing the carbon dioxide in the air and producing more oxygen. A cleaner environment is beneficial for generations to come.

The production of bamboo can easily adjust to any change and grow fast. We are saving up on processing time, and the end product is easily available. By using bamboo toilet paper, we are keeping the environment away from harmful chemicals such as dyes or artificial fragrances. Most people who use bamboo toilet paper know that it is not packaged using plastic, which is another way to save the environment. In addition to this, bamboo toilet paper is also decomposable and is not difficult to break down.

As a result of this discussion, it becomes clear that using bamboo toilet paper is a win-win situation, not only for the consumers but also the producers. We are fulfilling our daily needs without harming the environment and also have mental peace that it is eco-friendly.

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