Why Are Hidden Halo Diamond Engagement Rings So Popular?

The hidden halo diamond engagement ring trend is here to stay. The popularity of halo engagement rings has skyrocketed in recent years. It’s easy to see why they’re so popular –they add extra sparkle without cluttering the center stone and provide a modern, timeless twist on engagement rings.  

What is a Hidden Halo? 

You’ve likely heard of the popular halo engagement ring setting – it features a row of diamonds to frame the center stone. However, you might not be familiar with the hidden halo. Instead of a row of diamonds that frames the center stone, a hidden halo sits underneath the center stone toward the stone’s base. So if you look at your engagement ring from the side, you’ll see a secret line of glittering diamonds (or another gemstone). This hidden detail can make the center stone appear larger because of the extra sparkle. It also adds some additional sparkle without taking the attention away from the center stone. 

Hidden halos emerged a few years ago, so they’re a newer trend that will continue to increase in popularity. They offer a pop of extra sparkle and a hidden detail. 

Advantages of Hidden Halos

Hidden halo engagement rings have several advantages. It’s a unique twist on a traditional halo design and a more recent trend. The additional diamond row catches the eye and makes the ring look more glamorous. The design works well with any shape and size center stone. As a result, your ring will stand out. The hidden halo also makes the center stone look more prominent because it’s on a platform.

The increased popularity in recent years can also be attributed to the celebrities and influencers with hidden halo engagement rings, including: 

  • Simone Biles
  • Nicole Ritchie
  • Olivia Wilde
  • Jennifer Hudson
  • Hailey Bieber
  • Jasmine Tookes

Comparing Hidden Halo Diamond Engagement Rings to Other Styles

It’s good to know about some of the other popular engagement ring styles, so you can determine if a hidden halo design is right for you. Solitaires have a center diamond, so all the attention is on the stone. Some solitaires have accent diamonds on the band, while others don’t. Another popular ring detail is pavé, which means the setting features smaller diamonds set closely together for additional sparkle. Three-stone rings are another popular engagement ring design with three stones set horizontally in a row. The center stone is typically larger, and the two side stones are smaller. This style is also called a trinity or trilogy ring. 

Customization and Personalization

Hidden halos offer plenty of personalization and customization options. One benefit is hidden halos pair well with center stones of all shapes and sizes, so you can choose the center stone that reflects your style. Some hidden halos feature colored gemstones instead of diamonds. The colored gemstones could be a favorite color, a birthstone, or have a special meaning in your life. By customizing your ring, you can create a unique sparkler that represents your personal preferences and style. 

Price in Comparison with Other Options

Engagement ring costs vary depending on the center stone, setting style complexity, metal choice, and whether natural or lab-grown diamonds have been used. Typically, hidden halos cost as much as halo engagement rings. 

Pavé settings generally cost a few hundred more than a simple solitaire. The quality of the tiny pavé diamonds isn’t high, so the additional cost is for the labor to set those stones and not the small diamonds. 

Regarding three-stone rings, they generally cost more because the quality of the side stones matters because they’re more prominent. 

One way to save money in all settings is to consider lab-grown diamonds, says Forbes. These man-made diamonds continue to increase in popularity because they have the same chemical composition, optical properties, and physical features as earth-mined diamonds (more details). So if you’re interested in buying a hidden halo diamond engagement ring on a budget, then consider opting for lab diamonds for both the center stone and the halo.

The Takeaway

Hidden halo engagement rings are relatively new, but with skyrocketing populrity because of their several advantages. The extra diamond row that wraps around the center stone adds sparkle, catches the eye, and makes the center stone more prominent. It’s a versatile design that works with all diamond shapes and sizes. You can personalize the design to reflect your own personal style and preferences, and create a unique ring that represents your individuality and fits into your budget. Hidden halos will only continue to increase in popularity as time goes on, thanks to their unique, timeless, and sophisticated design.  

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