Who Was Kenny Everett?

Kenny Everett

Even till this day, the name Kenny Everett brings a smile to the faces of many older adults in the UK.

Kenny Everett can be described as one of the first DJs and radio personalities who gave radio a new recognition in the UK. Kenny started out as a radio host, and eventually leveraged his access to the airwaves to thrill millions of listeners all over the UK, through his eccentric jokes and beautiful music.

Kenny Everett lived life to the fullest after officially starting his career as a DJ working at BBC Radio One in 1967. There were up and downs, but his reputation survived throughout the years.

Starting Out as a DJ in the UK

Kenny Everett was the name he adopted because of his first radio stint with Pirate radio stations in the UK. At that time, the Pirate radio stations operated illegally, so the radio hosts had to change their names. He was born Maurice Cole, and later adopted the name Kenny Everett, to work as a radio broadcaster with Radio London.

Those were times when radio was much more popular than TV. Everyone looked forward to hearing Kenny Everett’s voice, listen to his music playlist, and laugh at the extreme jokes. He quickly became a household name.

The Controversial Radio Broadcaster

Kenny Everett’s controversial career on the radio caused many of his low moments as a radio personality. To many of his friends, Kenny was fondly called “Cuddly Ken”. He was light-hearted and sometimes too careless with his words, which often got him into trouble.

Kenny Everett was relieved from his position as a radio broadcaster many times. On one occasion, Radio One in London relieved Kenny of his position as an employee after he made nasty jokes about Margaret Thatcher, who was the Prime Minister of Britain at that time.

He also got into trouble with the administrative team at Radio London, for making inappropriate religious comments on air.

Making a Mark in the Industry

Kenny Everett paved the way for many radio DJs and broadcasters. His eccentric personality and stubbornness to introduce a different way to do things eventually made the executive managers accept the newer trends in radio broadcasting.

For example, Kenny Everett introduced the hit song titled “Bohemian Rhapsody,” sung by Queen, to the radio. This happened when everyone thought it was absurd to play a song that long and different. The success of the song has inspired many other music stars to produce similar compositions for their audience.

Leaving Behind a Legacy…

If there was anything he achieved, Kenny Everett left behind a unique legacy in the world of radio. Kenny Everett died after a protracted illness related to AIDs. He passed in 1995 and was only 50 years old.

Kenny Everett’s legacy includes his long stint as a successful radio broadcaster, TV personality and socialite who had a huge influence among the top music stars of his time. Some of Kenny Everett’s radio shows include the lunchtime shows, and on TV, The Kenny Everett Video show, Nice Time day show, and a BBC TV series named the Up Sunday show. Kenny Everett also won the Gold Award at the Sony Radio Academy Awards, a year before he died.



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