While Easy-to-Use Products Make it to the Top, Here are 2 Other Trends Driving the Future of the Beauty & Cosmetics Market 

Thanks to modern technology, brands now have access to a lot more data than ever before. They have deeper insights into every step of the customer journey. By mapping these trends and actively listening to what their consumers want, brands can develop effective market strategies that help them build a connection with their customers in a personalized way.  

With so many case studies to prove the point, it is simply a no-brainer that insights go a long way in helping brands understand their consumers’ buying patterns and work accordingly to achieve their business goals. 

That’s exactly why using customer data touchpoints to enhance customer experience is essential in creating market differentiation. According to Gartner, great customer experience drives more than two-thirds of customer loyalty. Further to the pandemic, various industries have witnessed changes in the way consumers perceive a certain product. One such industry is the ever-changing Beauty and Cosmetics industry in the US. While it is not possible to measure customer experience by a specific number or a single metric, customer experience analytics help brands with consumer-centric insights that can pave the way for increased revenue and retention of consumers.

Recently, Clootrack has released a report that reveals the key changes in the beauty of business post the pandemic. No doubt, these findings can prove to be instrumental for brands to win the trust of their consumers and continue to deliver unique offerings matching their interests. 

Data derived from Clootrack’s Beauty and Cosmetics Customer Experience Tracker shows the latest trends in the industry and what is likely to drive its future in the US. In a study of nearly 388,000 customer reviews from eCommerce shoppers, ease of use has emerged as the most critical factor influencing buying decisions of the new-age consumer.

What’s more- The study found that except for Skin Care and Makeup, the rest of the categories, like Haircare, Hair tools & accessories, Foot, Hand & Nail Care, and Shave, all showed ‘Ease of Use’ as the top delight driver. 

Here is what was different in the Makeup category

Source: Clootrack, Beauty and Cosmetics Customer Experience Tracker 

Interestingly, consumer consensus indicates that when it comes to the Makeup segment, ‘Color’ is the top customer experience driver, followed by Ease of use and Price. The detailed analysis of multiple product reviews reveals that customers express relief when they are able to get the right shades and colors that they are looking for in their makeup products. 

In fact, the study goes beyond the surface level to show how customers can become nervous if they don’t find the exact color in their makeup products. One of the satisfied consumers expressed, “I was nervous about it only having two shades, but the color is beautiful for my medium-deep complexion, and the deep bronze color blaze is perfect, even for my summer tan.” 

Source: Clootrack, Beauty and Cosmetics Customer Experience Tracker 

The study effectively captures the customer sentiment when it comes to buying makeup-related products. A majority of people said that they are looking for fun colors, lasting colors, super pigmented and natural colors, making these the top four deciding factors.  

What’s new in the ever-demanding Skin Care Category

The study is testimony to the fact that the world of indulgence in cosmetics is changing. We are witnessing it in the skincare segment where the top driver emerged to be the ‘smell’, ‘fragrance’ or the ‘aroma’ of the product. Leaving other indicators such as Moisturization and Skin type behind, the top category driver is really something that demands the attention of brands specializing in skincare products. Take a look at the results and see for yourself.

Source: Clootrack, Beauty and Cosmetics Customer Experience Tracker 

Additionally, the report drills down to what customers mean by smell and it turns out that customers are talking about different scents like orange, rose, lavender, coffee, and mint. 

Diving further, the study carefully analyses customer reviews with regards to people talking about the aroma to find out that a relatively large number of customers prefer lavender and coffee’s fragrance in their skincare products.

Source: Clootrack, Beauty and Cosmetics Customer Experience Tracker 

What is Customer Experience Analytics?

Customer Experience Analytics, or CX Analytics, is the collection and analysis of customer data.

Examples of customer data include reviews on social media accounts or the frequency of purchases on your website. Gathering and analyzing customer data helps organizations better understand their customers and work towards making their interaction with the brand more meaningful and satisfactory.

CX Analytics allows one to make data-driven decisions on how to improve products or services from first contact to customer service. Additionally, it reveals issues or hurdles that your customers may be experiencing that you are not aware of. CX Analytics helps create a more tailored and personalized experience for each customer by developing unique buyer-personas that define a consumers’ likes, dislikes, and other details that determine their decision to buy a particular product. 

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