Which Teams Are Best Suited for A Time Clock App

Every tool in a company’s arsenal has a defined purpose. A time clock app is no different. Prudent use can increase profits and competitiveness. However, like any tool, it can also be misused, resulting in possible harm to a company’s bottom line.

The most common problem with rolling out an employee timesheet software solution is overuse. Management can avoid this problem by establishing clear end goals and seeing if the application of an online timesheet software solution will result in a positive outcome.

Remote Employees

Managing remote employees can be difficult for a business – particularly if they are just initiating telecommunications within their business architecture. A time clock app can smooth this transition as it allows management virtual “eyes on” of their staff when they are not physically present. This can be crucial in settings such as call centers where adequate staffing must be maintained throughout the day to deal with projected call volumes.

Even where employees have a higher level of independence, a cloud-based time clock can still play a crucial part in smooth business operations. Consider a crisis management team where a company can find itself understaffed when needing to support business-critical assets. A proper software system can ensure all needed human assets are in place to handle crucial business processes.

Collaborative Teams

Collaborative teams are another excellent candidate for time clock solutions. Sometimes it is not enough for employees to put in their requisite time. On collaborative projects, this is especially true. There must be a seamless overlap of availability for key participants in some large-scale projects for it to move forward efficiently. Having a technical writer at a standstill waiting for an analyst to show up to document a new process means crucial time wasted and can push back project milestones needlessly.

With a time clock app, employees can determine at which step of a project they’re on and ensure they have their part of the project completed in a timely manner. They can also request an extension if needed.

Employees with Billable Hours

Some company employees have their hours billed directly to a client when they are working on a specific project. Having their hours automatically tracked aids accounting in getting an accurate and timely bill into the client’s hands. Moreover, should there be a conflict regarding time spent on a project, having a time clock app in place allows accounting to pull a verifiable work log on individual employees to verify the time spent.

Employees That Roam Between Projects

Some employees, because of the nature of their work, drift between larger projects in a company. This can make it hard for management to understand exactly where their day is being spent at any given point in time. This injects some uncertainty into trying to cost projects on an individual basis.

Likewise, if management needs to reach into their departmental budgets to fund the use of one of these roaming employees, they’ll need a firm grasp of how much they’re utilizing that resource. In fact, in the absence of a dependable time clock app, the employee themselves is often responsible for tracking that time. Not only does this allow for errors in team time tracking, but it also wastes that resources valuable time doing clerical work that could have been automated.

Judicious Use of Software

Keeping these instances in mind, a judicious application of time tracking software within a company is in order. Management needs to consider not only when such software will be advantageous, but when it will not. Given the amorphous roles of senior management, it would be extremely difficult to try and quantify where most of their day is spent and could prove to be burdensome.



Ashley Macdonald
Ashley has recently joined the FeedsPortal content writing team and brings with her a wealth of journalistic experience, which we believe our readers will find extremely useful.

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