Where to Watch the New NBA Season

where to watch nba games

The top NBA teams are ready to do battle. As always, a large audience awaits the beginning of the new NBA season. It promises to be as exciting as ever, what with the new signings many of the big teams have made to whet the appetite.

The games will be aired live, and I have found some excellent ways you can follow the action whether you are on the go or watching from abroad.

Now, you can watch the games on regular sports channels or interactive online channels that have secured long-term partnerships with the NBA.

Thankfully, you can choose from many options to watch your favorite NBA games. Here are my top choices regarding channels to watch the NBA games this season…

ESPN+ Sports Channel

ESPN has retained its license to air NBA games live this season. You can watch over two hundred NBA games and enjoy an amazing viewing experience with this provider. The channel broadcasts games schedules to help its audience set reminders to avoid missing any of the live action.

On ESPN+, the live NBA games will air on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

ESPN U Sports Channel

ESPN will also be showing the NBA games to one of the largest audiences for sports on its ESPN U Sports Channel. The viewing times for live games on this channel are similar to the game schedule on ESPN +, to make it easy for viewers to watch their favorite team battle for the title.


Where else can you catch the live action? NBA TV (see here) will be showing the games as always, with special highlights on Sundays for those who may have missed any of the live action.

It is also possible to watch the action online…

Facebook Live

I am thrilled the NBA games this season will be streamed live from the official NBA page on Facebook. Watching the game on a mobile platform is convenient for those on the go. Millions of fans can follow the live NBA action on Facebook. The viewing options can be set to allow you to watch clips of the game after the live event.


Another provider we would recommend is Cinesport (https://www.cinesport.com/). This provider also offers other sports such as football.


Twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/) has grown in popularity since its creation in 2011. It is one of the best video streaming sites for gamers and sports fans. The interesting thing is this; on Twitch you can choose live channels to view NBA games in real-time and listen to the commentaries by the creator of the channel. Most users speak English, so you can easily understand the commentary, Sounds great right? You can join the community on Twitch, follow regular streamers, and interact with them while viewing a game.

There, you have it; I hope this information is helpful, enjoy the NBA season and may the best team win!

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