Where to Buy Vegan Ice Cream

vegan ice cream

The fact that ice cream is made from cow’s milk and has lactose in it means that a lot of people cannot have it. While this used to be a big problem in the past, things have changed dramatically for the better now. There are many excellent vegan options available now, and you can find some of the best ice creams in their collection. We are sharing a few of the places that we think you can surely try if you are looking for a good quality vegan ice cream place.

1.      Snow Monkey

Who says ice cream must be a pointless milk-laden dessert that you eat just to gratify yourself and feel overweight later? If you are diet conscious, respect animals, and want to try something different that is also beneficial; then this store can provide you exactly that. The vegan ice cream in their collection is as good as it gets, and it is made using only healthy ingredients. The different combinations of flavors they have are usually made using seeds, fruits, and some superfoods as well. Who knew eating ice cream could be a healthy affair, right?

2.       NadaMoo!

Based in Texas, this company provides some of the best vegan options in ice cream, with more than 20 flavors in their collection. The ice creams are made with coconut milk as the base, and the sweetness is added using agave syrup. You can find all the usuals here, and it would be hard to tell the difference. Being a vegan store with different ingredients also means that you can expect to see some unique flavors as well. Some of the popular flavors include Birthday Cake Cookie Dough, Peppermint Bark, Marshmallow StarDust, and Peach Cobbler.

3.      Coconut Bliss

The name of this store tells you immediately what milk is used as the base for their ice creams. Their traditional ice cream collection uses agave syrup for sweetness and has some incredibly amazing flavors to choose from. However, we are a lot more excited for their newly launched collection of Everyday Bliss ice creams, which use can sugar. The taste is a lot more enhanced, and you get delicious flavors like Caramel Macchiato, Salty Peanut Butter Chip, Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip (our favorite), and Vanilla Brownie Swirl. With a minimum order of 4 pints, you can order through their website and get it delivered anywhere.

4.      CoolHaus

This is a women-owned venture that provides several vegan options in their ice cream collection. You can get your favorite flavor delivered the next day to any location in the country and enjoy freshly made ice cream. The minimum shipping requirement is six pints, and there are more than enough flavors for you to try out and fill your order. The key ingredients in their ice cream are whole grain brown rice, organically produced cane sugar, and natural yellow peas.

5.      Ben & Jerry’s

Yes, the country’s most beloved ice cream brand has already started a complete lineup of dairy-free ice creams that provide you the option of both their classic flavors and some interesting new stuff as well. One of the quirky flavors they have introduced is the aptly named Non-Dairy Netflix & Chilll’d. This flavor is both vegan and packed full of flavor. Given how great their ice creams are, we highly recommend that you do not think about sharing these with anyone and order a few extra.


The world of vegan ice creams has certainly grown quite a bit, and you can easily find some amazing tasting ice cream options now. The ones mentioned here are certainly worth a try, so we recommend that you do so immediately.

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