When to Use a High Voltage Reactor

When to Use a High Voltage Reactor

If you are planning for an expansion concerning any electrical system, it’s good to understand when to use a high voltage reactor. This holds true from engineering all the way to purchasing. There’s a variety of different types of to choose from available in several different shapes and sizes.

Common Reasons to Use aHV Reactor

  • To suppress arcs
  • Harmonic filtration or reduction
  • Starting current regulation
  • To protect systems from lightening
  • Protection against waves outside the capacity of equipment
  • Found in the systems of auto transformers and induction regulators

Combating Short Circuit Currents with a High Voltage Reactor

The most common issue systems are faced with, are short circuit currents. An HV Reactor can be found in any power system, to regulate incoming prospective short circuit currents. Short circuit currents can do several things, like: damage existing equipment, start fires, trip circuit breakers, blow fuses, melt coating off of wires, create an arc, and lead to a myriad of other things dangerous or deadly to the human body.

The high voltage reactor will catch and quiet these short circuit currents coming in, and release a safe and workable current outgoing. Concerning industrial situations this is huge, as employees don’t have to continuously head to the breaker box every time there’s a spike in the system, as the HV reactor provides a safer work environment when there’s a lot of electrical motors in use.

CKSC Series Reactors

When selecting a reactor for either high or low voltage, the series you’ll want to choose is the CKSC series. For lower voltage needs only, you’d want to turn to the CKSG.

C – Series Connection

K – Electric Reactor

S – Three Phases

C – Epoxy Pouring/Solid Insulation

Though a more expensive style of reactor, the CKSC is an all-around better product that the CKSG. It does a better job protecting against short circuit currents, it works just as well outdoors as it does indoors, enjoys greater thermal capacity than the CKSG, and doesn’t have any voltage level limitations.

All in all, it’s better, more reliable, more versatile, and safer in the long run, than the cheaper “air core” or “unshielded” type reactors. All of which is why if it were me, I’d be willing to pay a little more now, than to pay a lot more in the long run with cheaper units.

Selecting the Right HV Reactor

There are a few different brands out there that sell reactor series, but if you’re currently searching out the right high voltage reactor for a system that you’re working on, let me save you some aggravation. We’ve all got our own area of expertise, and when it comes to choosing the right components for your project or electrical needs, it’s best to work with someone who is indeed an expert in the field, right? For that very reason, I’d suggest that you check out the following company…

Guangdong Sihui Instrument Transformer Works Co.,Ltd. has been in the business since 1988. It is more than capable to not just advise you what you’ll need, but assist you in the ordering and selection process. It manufactures a variety of different electrical components, all of which are certified to ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, CE, GOST and KEMA. One of Sihui’s top sellers is the CKSC Series of Reactors. This reactor series perfectly goes with a power system of 6~10kV. Connected with high voltage parallel capacitor group, it can suppress a fluctuation and deformation in the system.You’ll find that it is certainly worth a look if you’re in the market for a top shelf item, made from high quality materials.

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