When to Hire Moving Labor During a Move?

When moving, there are two main options to choose from, one is the DIY move and another one is hiring the full-service movers. To save money, many people embark on a mission of DIY Move but during the entire moving process there are numerous tasks that an individual can’t complete by himself or herself and he/she requires the help of labor or additional manpower. 

Hiring labor is an affordable option and you get additional hands to get help in moving though you need to supervise them in every task because you will have the control throughout the moving process. You should tell them which boxes contain the fragile and heavier items. You might also be concerned about the cost of the move and how hiring moving labor can influence the cost. You can always click here to get a clear estimate and ensure that you move in your budget.

Usually, they hold experience in lifting fragile items because they are working in the moving industry for a long time so you don’t have to worry about the damage. If you want to know in what cases hiring labor is a good option then check out this information.  

When the budget is tight: 

It is convenient to hire moving labor rather than hiring the full-service moving company when your budget is low. Labor-only movers are responsible for loading as well as unloading your belongings into and from the truck respectively. Therefore, the charges are paid accordingly. But when you hire a full-service moving company then it does much more than just loading and unloading the truck. Movers are responsible for packing, unpacking, transporting the belongings. Therefore, you end up paying for all these services which cost you more.

When moving furniture or other heavy items: 

If you want to move your furniture without any scratches or dents and at a low cost, then you can hire labor movers. They are well versed in their work and will charge you only for loading and unloading all your furniture and other heavy items. To protect your furniture from any damage the corners are properly padded and the entire furniture is covered with blankets as well as bubble wrap before loading it into the truck. Moving labor can also disassemble your furniture to make it a few inches smaller, and they use furniture sliders to move it out from the house. Also, it saves you from extra charges as you hire them only when there is a need and can get the benefit of their experience working in the field of moving for a long time. 

For a flexible move: 

When hiring a labor-only mover, then it allows flexibility in the moving process. They just load and unload your moving truck. You still have control over the schedule of your move. You can decide what to move, when to move and how to move. There will be no one to influence your decision. And you will not have to wait for days for your items to arrive at your new place. You can organize your new house as soon as you arrive at your destination. Usually, such type of flexibility is not possible when hiring a moving company.

Requiring specialized skills when loading a truck: 

Loading heavy items into a truck is a very exhausting and tiresome activity. You may get injured when lifting heavy and large furniture or boxes. Labor movers are professional and experienced in their work. They are trained in such a way that they can complete the loading quickly. They know how to lift boxes and load them into a truck without getting injured. Also, your stuff is safely loaded by correctly padding and wrapping the appliances and securing the tires of the truck. They are well aware of the order of the items to be stacked on top of one another. And you can hire them at your convenience and only for the time when you really need their help. 

When moving long-distance: 

In a long-distance move, one gets really exhausted after arriving at the destination. There is no energy left to unload the stuff from the moving truck. It is when moving labor comes into the picture. Labor-only movers have enough skills to efficiently unload your heavy stuff from the truck. They have appropriate equipment which is used to safely unload the items. Some moving labor also provides the service of unpacking the boxes and assembling heavy furniture items in the new place, adding extra charges to your moving cost.

Have control throughout the move: 

You are not giving the entire home stuff into someone’s hands and you don’t have to work according to the mover’s schedule. You will be the boss of the entire move. If you want to have such control over the moving process then hiring labor is quite a good idea. 


Hiring moving labor is great because you can get the additional experienced hands for moving-related work whenever you need them and can have a successful and convenient moving process at a less cost.  

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