What’s New in Dali’s Mini Infrared Imaging Module? 3 Features to Check Out!

Mini Infrared Imaging Module

Gone are the days when an infrared imaging module was associated with the military. On the strength of advanced technology as well as unceasing innovation, infrared imaging module is applied to every aspect of our daily life. In this article, let’s take a closer look at the latest-released mini infrared imaging module (see here) from DALI. Keep reading to find out more sparkling points about it!

As the first listed enterprise in the industries of infrared radiation camera and secure in China, DALI has opened up numerous possibilities to develop uncooled focal plane detector, thermal imaging cameras and thermal imaging surveillance systems since 1984. Well-known for its pursuit of a mini infrared imaging module, DALI is an innovative product designer, researcher and developer perfectly rolled into one. Recently, this firm successfully launches SC/SD-Series mini infrared imaging module, which somehow becomes a hit and gains widely favor and recognition from customers globally. Now let’s work on this mystery together.

As a matter of fact, with the temperature well above absolute zero, that is, -273 ℃, an object will emit thermal infrared rays continuously. In other words, almost every object in our everyday life can be detected by infrared imaging module, which is good at measuring the temperature and analyzing the thermal state of objects without directly contacting them. In the past, equivalent to components of sophisticated night-vision equipment on aircraft, ships and tanks, infrared imaging module ideally played a significant role in military warfare. In recent years, SC/SD-Series mini infrared imaging module from DALI is making its way into many fields including industrial equipment inspection, on-line temperature monitor, people counting, and fire alarm monitoring, etc. The following are two examples for you to check the application of it.

  • During the industrial production, most of the facilities are under high temperature. Specialized in monitoring the temperature, mini infrared imaging module from DALI can safeguard equipment operating security and find out accidents immediately to avoid dangerous short circuit and fire.
  • In effect, it may be difficult for general electronic surveillance equipment to identify thieves concealed in bushes and behind trees. However, the mini infrared imaging module from DALI can easily solve this problem since the temperature and infrared radiation of the human body and vehicle are much higher than that of both bushes and trees. As a result, an increasing number of monitoring systems have adopted the mini infrared imaging module.

Actually, the broad application of this infrared imaging module should give credit to three advantages of it.

  • Power-Saving

Given the actual power of this mini infrared imaging module is less than 0.4 W, only 0.0004 kWh is consumed per hour. To be more specific, if this infrared imaging module runs for a whole year without interruption, the power consumption is only 3.5 kWh. In this way, this component features power-saving and is useful to reduce environmental impact.

  • State-of-The-Art Technology

Built with high-performance 17um uncooled array detector, SD/SC-series is more than a mini radiometric module, but a mini infrared imaging module. It outputs thermal imaging and temperature data via SPI interface, with communication and control port by RS232. On the one hand, advanced algorithms such as non-shield algorithm, thermal imaging precise temperature measurement and adaptive calibration of ambient temperature can be integrated easily with this light-weight and cost-effectiveness module according to the application requirements. On the other hand, it is straight forward to integrate this top-class mini radiometric module with other MCUs in the user systems.

  • Remarkable Ability of Temperature Measurement

In general, the temperature measurement of this mini infrared imaging module ranges from -10 ℃ to 225 ℃. Additionally, working with three-point measurement based on the highest temperature, central temperature and the lowest temperature, the average error of temperature measurement at room temperature is no more than 2 ℃.

Now that you’ve gone through the whole page, we believe you can sense the magic of this outstanding mini component. In all, mini infrared imaging module from DALI is here to bring a new generation of capabilities to meet the ever-changing market requirement in this era.

Many of these are available on Alibaba.com.



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