What You Need to Know Before Buying a Bar Fridge?

Bar fridges are basic equipment for any bar or restaurant. They provide proper storage and cooling of beverages so that customers will always be satisfied with the taste and temperature of drinks.

Keep reading to know all the features of bar fridges, as well as how to choose the perfect option for your business.

Bar Fridges Types and Their Differences

To date, the most popular are the following models of bar fridges:

  • Glass door fridge

This is relatively small equipment that is often installed directly under or behind the bar. If installed behind the bar, it allows guests to easily peruse your offerings. 

These models feature self-closing doors, integral locks, adjustable shelves, and an electronic display.

  • Double and triple door models 

Like the previous option, they feature self-locking doors and integral locks. Models also come with an electronic temperature controller, so you can adjust the temperature of cooling beverages.

Inside there are chrome-plated beer shelves. If necessary, you can order a model with additional wine shelves.

  • Back bar keg cooler

These models are powerful kegerators equipped with beer towers and beer tap handles for drinks dispensing.

  • Outdoor fridge

Unlike a standard refrigerator with two or three doors, this equipment has a more durable design and reinforced locks, so that you can easily use it outdoors.

  • Retro fridge

This is an exclusive product, designed taking into account all the features of the interior of your bar or pub. It complements the decor and ties an area together.

On request, all these products can be ordered with individual branding, which will emphasize the philosophy of the establishment and attract the attention of customers by displaying the beverages in an appetizing and attractive way.

10 Things to Consider Before Buying a Bar Fridge

When buying bar fridges the owners of bars or restaurants are faced with just a huge selection of products!

In order not to get lost in all this variety, make sure that you have taken into account all the nuances that will help to choose the best cooling equipment for your business:

  1.  Optimal size

Measure the space where you want to install the fridge. This helps you determine the size of the equipment that you need to go for and the amount of space you need to allocate for the refrigerator.

  1. Adjustable shelves

First, it is a handy feature because it helps you clean the fridge properly: as you can just remove the shelves easily and wash them.

Second, you will be able to divide and create more space for different beverage items.

  1. Sliding or swing door

Sliding door models have self-locking door options that provide proper closing. Swing door fridges have a large 90° opening. 

Consider these while choosing the equipment for your establishment.

  1. Glass or solid doors

If you want to display the range of drinks to your customers, choose a model with glass doors. 

If not, opt for double or triple solid door fridges.

  1. Energy efficiency

Invest in equipment with low energy consumption that maintains low running costs while maximizing efficiency for the business.  

  1. Noise level

Do enough research to know how much noise a chosen model makes and which amount of noise you consider appropriate for your bar.

  1. Exterior finish

You can choose stainless steel, gray, black, or other custom shades.

  1. Insulation level

If you want to buy equipment with better insulation, pay attention to large commercial bar refrigerators. They’ll keep the cold at maximum.

  1. Check the warranty 

Make sure that the fridge gets fixed as fast as possible, any time it needs service. That is why it is better to opt for extensive warranties. 

  1.  Brand 

If you do not know where to buy quality bar fridges, pay attention to the range of the Canadian company Beverage Craft. Here you will find a great selection of cooling equipment.

Consultants of the brand will gladly help to choose the model that fits all features of your establishment, so you can be sure that you serve delicious chilled beer to visitors!

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