What Type of Food Should You Have in a Survival Kit?


We all need to have a survival kit handy. A survival kit contains tools and food that can keep you going in the case of an emergency. With a survival kit, you can stay alive until help comes.

We have been hearing the horror stories from California, where the bush fire has displaced so many people. It wasn’t an expected event. One morning, the residents in California woke up to see the flames coming towards their homes.

In such a situation, all you need to do is pick up your survival kit, get your loved ones together, and leave the danger zone at once.

In this article, I will be writing about the essential food items that you should have in your survival kit, with help from https://prepforthat.com/ .

If you ever get stranded, the food in your survival kit should keep you alive in the immediate aftermath of an incident. There are some factors to consider when choosing the type of foods that should go into your survival kit. Here are some tips you should consider when choosing foods for your kit…

Avoid Perishable Foods

Perishable foods won’t last long if they are stored outside a refrigerator. The difficulty in preserving perishable foods makes them the wrong choice for your survival kit.

Instead, choose non-perishable foods that can last for a long time with minimal preservation methods.

Fatty Foods

You need to eat fatty foods when living in survival mode, says LiveScience. Fatty foods can help you maintain a healthy body weight. You need the strength to survive!

Foods Rich in Calories

In an emergency situation, you should consume a lot of calories so that you can keep your energy levels up.

Foods Rich in Fibre

These foods are less likely to upset your digestive system. The last thing you want to experience while trying to survive is a stomach upset.

Now, let’s discuss the foods that should be found in your survival kit;

Canned foods are the best for survival


If you have an opportunity to cook, you need foods that can be quickly prepared. Rice is a great choice, and it is rich in carbs that can keep you going.


Pasta is also easy to cook in difficult situations, and you can consume a good amount of calories in one meal. Pasta is also well packaged and can easily be carried around.

Peanut Butter

A can of peanut butter is a good source of calories. Peanut Butter has quite a long shelf-life, and it may still be edible after the expiry date.


A plate of oatmeal will provide important fibre and nutrients your body needs during the survival period.

Overall, you should avoid bulky foods that can become a burden. The foods I have mentioned above must be in your survival kit. For more information, check out https://prepforthat.com/preppers-list-for-survival/.

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