What to Read in the Fall: 5 Non-Boring Books for a Rainy Evening

Autumn evenings can sometimes be quite dreary. Covered with sadness and apathy, sometimes you want to plunge headlong into thoughts or escape to the virtual world. But the best cure for autumn moping is a fascinating book. But in order for an autumn evening to be truly inspiring and mentally warm, you need not only to prepare a delicious hot beverage (which is also important!) but also choose the right book, able to reward the mind with new thoughts, ideas, emotions, and energy. Not every paper book is capable of such a task. So, what to read this fall?

The list below has helped brighten up more than one cold and lonely fall evening. Despite the differences in genres, manner, and style of writing, each of these books leaves a pleasant aftertaste and involuntarily encourages you to put it on your “favorite” list.

 1. The Practice of Happiness by John Kehoe

You need to get out of any discouragement quickly and for good – that’s why the list begins with motivational literature from John Kehoe. Those who are already familiar with the creations of the author, probably immediately read this work without further review. Others may heed the advice and trust the choice. The peculiarity of the book is that it describes in detail such a beloved feeling of “happiness”, about which, it turns out, we know impermissibly little. In addition to life stories and terminology, the work is saturated with energy and motivation. Swallowing word by word, as if filled with strength for achievements and important works. Well, the fact that the creation is a treasure trove of accurate and rare statements, and do not need to mention. And if you’re looking for works that help you become happier and teach you how to make a fresh start in life, the bestsellers in this book review are sure to help.

2. Letter from an Unknown Woman by Stefan Zweig

Sensual, lyrical, heartbreaking, and gripping are the words with which to accurately characterize the Austrian Zweig’s short story. Yes, it does not involve detective investigations, but the book has something attractive and alluring, something that makes you turn page after page, reading every word with gusto. It is the story of unrequited love. The story of a woman who gave her heart to one man, demanding nothing in return. A novel about how unpredictable and confusing our lives can be. Sometimes we do not notice how much we mean to, it would seem, a stranger. After reading the work, inadvertently begin to analyze what has happened in recent days, months, years. And what more do you need for a lonely overcast evening?

3. Hallowe’en Party by Agatha Christie

Every lover of detectives has read at least one of Agatha Christie’s countless books. For an atmospheric fall mood, we suggest dipping into a somber story from the Poirot adventure series. On the eve of All Saints’ Day, a mysterious crime takes place, which only the great Belgian detective can unravel. However, Erkel useful help longtime companion – the author of popular detective stories. Together, our heroes will unravel a hornets’ nest, bringing to the surface a whole bunch of secrets and intrigues of the past and present.

4. Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote

It is necessary to read Capote’s book not only because the screen version is starring Audrey Hepburn. The English novel captivates with its naturalness and ease of writing, captivates by the lightheartedness and enthusiasm of the heroine, whose seeming carelessness hides worldly experience and life drama. The story is about the friendship of different people, about the events, to become part of which many ladies dream. This is not surprising, because who among us would refuse to attend a New York socialite party? Thanks to the simplicity and naturalness, the book is read in the same breath, charging with positive energy for work life.

5. Elchin Safarli’s novel “They Promised You to Me”

We have always wondered: how can a man so accurately describe women’s experiences and feelings? Elchin Safarli became famous back in 2008. Each of his books is imbued with faith in life, hope for a better outcome, love for the world around him, friends, relatives, cities. “They Promised You to Me” is one of the author’s smaller works. The story of a tragedy that became the beginning of a new life, about the importance of filling the void in the soul and discovering inner beauty. A man’s view of the “black stripe”, which simply must be met.

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What books are you into at the moment?

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