What to Look for When Buying a Samurai Sword

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The samurai sword, properly known as the katana, was used by Japanese samurai warriors for thousands of years. The blade was forged by folding the steel multiple times to make it very sturdy, and the samurai kept their swords incredibly sharp at all times to ensure the deadliness of their weapon, according to TrueKatana.com.

You can buy a katana sword for yourself, even if you aren’t a Japanese warrior. You’ll want to choose a high quality one, though, and we have some guidelines to help you find a sword that will serve you well and be worth the money.


It’s not a true Samurai sword unless it is crafted by a master craftsman from Japan. They make the swords by hand to ensure their excellent quality, and they are known for making some of the finest swords in the world.


What is a katana made of? It should be forged from steel – not stainless steel, though. The sword will be too heavy if it is made from iron, and this is meant to be a relatively lightweight weapon so that it can be slashed quickly back and forth for parrying and strikes. Japanese samurai tended to be rather small, especially compared to some of their enemies, so their weapons would typically be lightweight to accommodate their build.


Is your katana coming from a reliable source or are you buying it from a seller online that you know nothing about? You ought to be able to verify the authenticity and quality of the sword, which is why it is best to buy it in person, if possible. Katanas can be very expensive, and it doesn’t make sense to pay that kind of money for a sword of questionable value from a seller or manufacturer that you don’t absolutely trust.


If you want a samurai sword that is useful and durable, then don’t be misled by flashy swords. The ornate, fancy-looking katanas may have some appeal, but they won’t be very functional. Look for a few key physical characteristics in the katana sword you are considering. It should be incredibly sharp (you may want to ask for a demonstration to test its sharpness) and it should have a hamon line. That is a wavy line along the length of the sword that shows you it was hardened properly and will be very durable. If the sword is completely smooth, it may break easily.

Finding a decent katana sword can be difficult because of the numerous options available these days. There is quite a market for these swords, but if you know what to look for and you follow our guide, you should be able to get a high-quality katana.

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