What to Know About Programming NFC Tags

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Through Near Field Communication (NFC), tasks can be automated and simplified. You can program NFC tags to speak to linked devices, and carry out commands for you. 

The Tools for Programming NFC Tags

In order to program an NFC tag, you will need a smartphone that is NFC-Enabled, says DigitalTrends. You can check the options on your phone to see if it has that capability. You also need blank NFC tags, and an app that’s made to program the tags for you. The best ones are NFC Trigger, and NFC Tools (see PlayStore). 

The Programming Method

Make sure you start by downloading NFC Trigger APK, which can be found on the Play store. Activate that, and enable NFC on your phone. If you aren’t sure how to enable NFC, just go to the Bluetooth section of the settings menu, and then to Connection preference. Turn NFC on from there. 

Next, open the App, which if you are using the NFC Trigger app, you will do that by starting a new task with the + icon. Choose a trigger, or action and then follow the onscreen instructions. You can also add restrictions to specify your task, ensuring that the task only occurs when the phone is unlocked, for example. Finish off the procedure by tapping Done. 

You can then choose an action like Bluetooth On/Off. From there, configure the action to your desired parameters and finish by tapping Done. Make sure that you save any tasks you do so you can use it when you like. 

You can write a tag as well, which will require you to have an NFC tag available, and that you place it close to the rear camera. The app will automatically transfer the action you selected to the tag. If the write was successful, a confirmation message will appear. You may want to test the task immediately to make sure it works the way you expect it to. 

iPhone Tag Programming

How to program NFC tags if you have an iPhone? Make sure you have a compatible phone, first of all. The iPhone 6 and anything later than that will include NFC tech onboard. 

Then you will need to download the NFC Tools app and open it up. Choose Write to create a new record, and pick the kind of record you would like to make. If you are picking Text, then configure the record and put your text into the text field. Save that task and place your NFC tag close to the camera to write it. Choose the Write option and allow the phone to automatically do the transfer for you. 

Be sure to test your tag before trying to use it. 

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