What to Expect on the Day of Your House Move

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The big day has arrived when you will be moving home. It is a stressful occasion, so you may be worried about what to expect on the day of your move. Here’s how your moving day might unfold, with thanks to Mod24 (https://mod24.com/), who are a movers on demand service.

  1. The moving company will have told you the time that they intend to arrive. When they arrive at your property, there will likely be a number of people who will be helping move your goods, with one member of this team being the leader. This will be your go-to guy for questions being answered. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  2. The moving company should prepare a written inventory of everything that is being transported. They will likely take a look at the item’s condition, as well as assigning it a number for the inventory. It is crucial that you agree with their assessment of the condition and to ensure nothing is missed from the inventory.
  3. Once the admin is out the way, the movers can then begin to load your possessions into the van. We would recommend that you take sentimental and personal items with you in the car.
  4. The moving company will take measures to ensure the van is tightly packed, so that any items will not move about. Make sure that they are doing this. There is a special way to pack the van, so don’t be too alarmed if the back of the van looks all jumbled up.

When everything has been packed away, the driver will likely present you with a bill of lading, according to https://www.moving.com/tips/bill-lading/ , which will set out in detail the conditions and terms of your move. It will include information such as estimates and the delivery time and date. Ensure you read this carefully, as when you have signed it, you will be releasing your goods to the moving company.

When the items are being unloaded at your new address, we would recommend that you have someone there with you, which is recommended by Buzzfeed. One could be by the lorry checking items off as they are unloaded to ensure no items are missing. Another person could be in the new house directing where items should go. After all the items are unloaded, you will then again be asked to sign the bill of lading and inventory. If at a later date you discover that some items have arrived damaged, you can still contact the moving company.

If you are still on the hunt for a moving company to use, you may wish to try out the “uber for moving companies” Mod24.

Oh, and remember, it is vitally important to change the locks when you first move in to your new, so we would recommend a company like DenverLocksmith.com for this purpose.

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