What to Do When Talk Talk Is Down

Talk Talk is one of the biggest broadband providers in the UK, and it supplies services like phone, internet, and television to many UK residents. Occasionally, the broadband service will go down and be unavailable. Here’s what you can do when that happens.

Try Restarting

The problem could be at the router level and may not be an issue with the larger service. You can turn off your router, leaving it off for about 10 minutes, and then turn it back on again. This can clear up pathway issues with the connection, and get your broadband working again.

Look Up Network Status

If you suspect the Talk Talk network is having trouble, you can see if the service is down. There is a great resource you can use for this to Check Website Status. Follow that link to see the status of any number of websites. You can find out quickly if the problem is on your end, or their end.

For more specific help with Talk Talk, you can use a related service – Is Talk Talk Down? This is the same site as the last link, but this page gives you information directly about Talk Talk. If the network is experiencing problems, you will see them listed right here. That can save you from having to call the customer service hotline for Talk Talk, and spend time speaking to someone. If the issue appears on this link, then Talk Talk’s management should already know about it, and be working on the problem.

Does the Problem Keep Coming Back?

If you experience constant issues with Talk Talk and your broadband service, then you may need to inspect your router (details here). See if it has been set up properly, as there could be a loose connection, a short in a wire, or some other technical issue that is making the service fluctuate for you. If the phone line only has a single port, then you may need to install microfilters to ensure it works smoothly and does not interfere with the broadband service. Talk Talk should provide you with these microfilters when you sign up for their service.

If the phone socket has more than one port, then microfilters are not necessary.

For any further troubleshooting with your router and broadband connection, speak to Talk Talk’s customer service. They may be able to identify other issues that are causing your connection problems.

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