What to Do if the At-Fault Driver Lies to the Insurance Company- Miami

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Car accidents can turn your life upside down. An insurance claim won’t make the situation perfect entirely, but it can help you bear the expenses such as medical bills and the damage in the accident. But what if the at-fault driver lies to the insurance company? You might end up losing your compensation amount, but if you are aware of your rights, you can manage to escape this situation. A car accident attorney in Miami can help you deal with such kinds of problems, but in this blog, too, you will read about dealing with such situations and getting maximum compensation. Here is their website link.

What are the things for which at-fault drivers lie?

The at-fault driver lies to avoid paying for the losses and escaping their liability. Some of the things for about which the at-fault driver generally lies are-

What you can do to protect yourself from the lies

Talk to the police

Do not quarrel with the driver, instead talk to the police and put your point forward.

Collect evidence

  • Eye Witnesses – Talk to the eyewitnesses and record their statements. Don’t forget to note down the contact details of the eyewitnesses.
  • Photographs – You can take photographs of road conditions, property damage, road signs, visibility conditions, skid marks, road debris.

You should get the other driver’s details such as his name, insurance coverage, etc. Contact an attorney before giving any statement to the insurance company.

Consistent statements

Ensure that all your statements must be in sync. If there is any discrepancy in your comments, you might lose your credibility, and the insurance company will scrutinize everything even more. It might result in less compensation.

Consequences of lying

If the driver is found guilty of making false statements, he will have to pay the penalty. If the official information given is too wrong, it can draw heavy fines and be subject to court proceedings.


With the right approach and correct information, you can deal with these situations better. It might be overwhelming for you to deal with the losses caused due to an accident and fight for compensation. But you need to understand that what’s gone is gone, but you need to protect your present and future. You can even take a well-experienced lawyer to tackle the case.

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