What Should You Pay Attention to When You Have a Canvas Print?

canvas print

Finally you have a beautiful photo of your love, pet or children and you want to have this photo printed on canvas. But how do you get the best result? Which size should you choose? Which is better linen or canvas? Can your photo also be hung outside?

In short, you have a beautiful photo but also many questions, and you want an answer to that.

What is the difference between linen and canvas?

Linen is traditionally made from flax and canvas from hemp. Canvas is also coarser than linen and therefore has a lower quality.

But the modern canvas is a combination of 80% cotton and 20% polyester and is ideal for printing photos. And thanks to the special coating, the ink also stays beautiful for much longer.

All materials used are environmentally friendly and the frames are made of sustainable wood.

Satin gloss or matt canvas, which should I choose?

If you choose matte canvas, your canvas print will have a subdued matte glow. The satin gloss canvas gives your photo a deep color. And this type is water resistant and scratch resistant. This allows you to keep your canvas print clean and easy.

I want to hang my picture outside, is that possible?

That is indeed possible, but then you have to provide a shelter. The silk gloss canvas is waterproof and the ink and colors will not fade. However, the wooden frame can start to work if it gets wet or damp and can start to warp.

If you do want to hang an image outside, HD metal is suitable for this. This is a scratch-resistant aluminum plate that will not sag and can withstand the rain and the sun.

How can I hang a canvas print?

If you order a canvas print, you may receive a hanging system, free of charge. The hanging set consists of a suspension clip, 2 screws and a user manual.

Do you want to hang canvas with nylon thread from the ceiling or from a suspension rail?

You also use the hanging clip for this, you tie the wire to it and you are done.

Where is the best place for my canvas print?

Usually the living room is chosen. And the bigger the print, the better.

It may sound quite ‘scary’ to choose an XXXL format, but the most common mistake is to hang a canvas print that is too small on an empty wall.

Furthermore, it is better to hang your canvas print too low than too high, so before you get started with the drill, first hold your print at different heights.

The most obvious place is above the sofa. But choose the kitchen or the staircase.

And if you opt for an XXXL format, your canvas print can even cover an entire wall, creating a very special atmosphere in your home.

Can I clean my canvas print?

That is indeed possible, but it depends on whether you have a matte canvas or a satin canvas.

Matte canvas is more fragile than satin canvas and is less easy to clean. You can only dust a matte canvas with a dry duster and absolutely no water and/or detergent can be used.

Silk gloss canvas is water-repellent and therefore less vulnerable than matt canvas. You can then use a soft damp cloth.

Cigarette smoke alone will, in the long run, affect both types of canvas. You will then get discoloration or yellowing and this can no longer be cleaned.

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