What Makes Fabian Sanelli One of the Most Trusted Auctioneers in Melbourne?

Fabian Sanelli, a young 33-year-old, is now regarded as one the top most independent auctioneers in Australia. This level of achievement was not handed over to him, but he had to work day and night to be where he is today. He had to reform his thought process, had to come out of his comfort zone, and above all, he had to believe in his destiny. Fabian was well aware of the fact that some things are not meant to be in this world, and that is why when he couldn’t reach his dream of becoming a lawyer like his dad, he did not feel bad. Instead, he started working towards something that came naturally to him, that is, negotiation and marketing.

If we look into the early years of Fabian Sanelli’s life, he faced several challenges. Although his Italian family was rich enough to provide him with all sorts of facilities and perks, he faced countless problems in the classroom. Right after college, when he felt demoralized by his academic performance, his father showed him the right path. He advised him to look into various opportunities in the real estate business and use his likable character to help him along his road.

Before embarking on this brand-new endeavor, he was very excited, so he prepared himself by enrolling in a real estate program and junior cadetship in the Central Business District of Melbourne. There, he became skilled in marketing as well as negotiating offers. He went on to become an expert in the art of auctioneering, which led to the opening of numerous doors for him.

When he first began working for an auctioneering company, he was able to conduct several real estate auctions, which highlighted him in his boss’s eyes. He quickly noticed Fabian’s natural talent and instantly approached him to run a mock auction in the Central City Park. That day, Fabian felt overwhelmed because it was the first big moment of his career, and despite having less experience, he did an excellent job. The appreciation he received after this one felt surreal.

As a result of back-to-back successful auctions, Fabian concluded that auctioneering is a career path he could pursue full-time without feeling tired or burnt out. At one point, he also thought of starting his very own company, but completely immersing yourself in something could be pretty challenging at first. So he ultimately chose to take a position with EYS Auctions, a recently established real estate company. Right after joining the company, Fabian found himself an asset to the company.

During his career, Fabian progressed to act as the Managing Director of the firm and still is presently. In this capacity, he oversaw approximately 5,000 auctions and was responsible for selling a property valued at hundreds of millions of dollars. As of now, Fabian has not only emerged as Melbourne’s most booked independent auctioneer but also the most sought-after one. His dedication to the craft of auctioneering helped him become the man he is today. As a result, he was nominated for the REB Australian Auctioneer of the Year award in 2020, 2021, and again in 2022. In addition to this, Fabian has also become Australia’s most-viewed auctioneer on social media. He says, “Up until this point, life has been very kind to me, and I do not regret that it has taken me to a different route than the one I had originally mapped out for myself. Keep the passion alive, and you’ll achieve everything you’ve ever wished for!”

Dive deep into Fabian’s personal and professional life by checking out his Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fabiansanelli/

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