What Is VPS Hosting and When You Should Consider Getting a VPS

What Is VPS Hosting

So you’ve come up with your business idea, designed a nice-looking website and you’re ready to put yourself out there on the World Wide Web. First, you need to make your website public and accessible to all Internet users, which may be a bit more complicated than you think.

Creating your very own website for your up-and-coming business may sound straightforward, but it comes with a host of considerations. How much traffic are you expecting? Should you go with a shared server or VPS hosting? How do websites even work and why do we need web hosting services in the first place? The answers to the questions are important for any website owner to understand, even if you know very little about technology. Knowing how web hosting accounts work and which option to go with (VPS hosting, shared server, etc) will ensure the best bang for your buck while keeping your website in top-notch shape.

In this article, we will break down one type of web hosting account: VPS hosting, also known as virtual private server hosting.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting (virtual private server hosting) is a type of hosting account where a physical server is divided amongst several users using virtualization technology. This allows each user to essentially operate in a dedicated server where they can have their own operating systems and software though technically, they are sharing the same server environment.

When you create a website, your site files and resources have to be stored on a server. When someone tries to access your website, their browser will request those files from the aforementioned server to load. Choosing the type of server your website should be hosted on takes into account factors such as how complex your website is, how much traffic you’re getting and the importance of security.

VPS hosting is a much cheaper alternative to renting a whole server for your website and provides many more benefits compared to hosting on a shared server. It is often seen as a popular middle choice for website owners looking to upgrade from their shared server.

When Should You Consider Getting VPS?

There are a few key reasons why website owners make the switch to VPS hosting. Many users who are looking to transition to a VPS from a shared server cite performance issues as a major pitfall of the cheaper option. If you find that your site takes a while to load, you may be experiencing more traffic than your shared server can process in a timely manner.

VPS hosting is also a good option when you want more storage for your website, or if you want to add new applications and additions that require root access (full authorization to execute commands on the operating system). If you find yourself frustrated with the lack of customization and control you have on your shared server, VPS hosting may be the cost-friendly answer you’re looking for. It is a popular option for teams that are technically-savvy enough to be able to customize their site to their needs, but who might not have the capacity or budget to manage a whole dedicated server (definition – https://www.webopedia.com/TERM/D/dedicated_server.html).

Many e-commerce businesses would benefit from switching to virtual private server hosting. Carrying out transactions requires a high level of cybersecurity, which can’t be guaranteed on shared server networks. If your website receives, processes or stores any sort of confidential data, using a VPS is a more stable choice. The privacy of your server can reduce the risk of security breaches and hackers from accessing your website’s data.

If you see your business and website growing in the future, being able to adapt to more data, traffic and installations is crucial. VPS hosting is very scalable, with the ability to upgrade your RAM, storage, and bandwidth at any time.

Being realistic with what you need from your website will make your web hosting choice easier. If you’re just maintaining a few, simple webpages, a shared server is probably fine. But if you’re hosting an eCommerce site or a webpage that requires more complex processes and applications, VPS hosting may fit your needs better in the long run.

VPS hosting blends the best of both worlds: the affordability of a shared server with the customizability of a dedicated server.

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