What Is the Role of Laser Marking on Products?

laser marking

Imagine if you see a mobile phone without any logo, would you like to buy it? Would you feel particularly inconvenient if the keyboard you are using now has no letters or the letters are blurred? If you cannot identify the information on a product, will you feel confused?

1. The Role of the Logo

There is no doubt that the logo and text on the product will not only facilitate us to know and use the product, but also determine whether we will purchase this product. The logo design can carry the display task of the brand’s first impression of the audience. At the same time, it can highly summarize the image characteristics or cultural connotation of the brand, and generate the association power of the public through its image and color, so as to be organically linked with the whole company. So, whether these logos are clearly visible, and whether the pattern is beautiful or not is crucial. The ability to clearly and permanently mark product information is important. The advantages of laser marking here are particularly obvious!

2. What is Laser Marking?

Laser marking is a high-energy continuous laser beam generated by a laser generator. The focused laser acts on the substrate to melt or even vaporize the surface material. By controlling the path of the laser on the surface of the material, the desired graphic mark is formed. Check out this video to see it in action.

TASTELASER is a company dedicated to research and development, aswell as producing and selling the industry’s best 3D optical fibers (what are 3D optiocal fibers? See here). They are also known for their UV laser marking, and their machines are really second to none.

3. The Power & Advantages of Laser Marking

Using laser marking, keyboard letters are clearer and elegant. Mouse laser marking – unique style. Mobile phone shell laser marking – full of personality, diverse pattern selections. Switches laser marking – more convenient, no longer have to try each button. Glass bottles laser marking – can be customized. Other laser marking products – metal, non-metal, all kinds of materials can be marked with customization.

Laser marking is permanent: The pattern does not blur or fade with changes in the environment, including being touched, exposed to acidity, and reducing gas. The design of the product pattern gives the consumer a unique sensory experience. If used soon, the above pattern will gradually disappear, and consumers’ impression of product quality will be affected.

Anti-counterfeiting: The information marked by laser marking is not easy to fade, and has strong anti-counterfeiting ability, and is not easily copied and changed. Sometimes after making efforts to design logos and patterns, they might be maliciously copied by some peers and competitors. The laser marking with anti-counterfeiting can ensure that consumers can distinguish between true and false goods and avoid buying fake products.

Good effect: With “non-contact” processing, it can be marked on any regular or irregular appearance without damaging the workpiece, and the marking is clearer and more beautiful. Traditional marking machines can easily damage the surface of the product, causing the product to be unsightly, and laser marking perfectly avoids this drawback.

Fast speed: The laser beam under computer control can move at high speed, and the marking process can be completed in a few seconds. Productivity is also an important factor in a company’s success. Laser marking can speed up efficiency, create more profits for the company, and save costs.

For example, laser marking machine can process most metal or non-metal materials with its non-mechanical blade, which does not create mechanical expulsion or mechanical weight on the material, nor adds to any wear, any poison or any ecological contamination. Likewise because of the tiny delicate spots, the utilization of materials is exceptionally less. In addition, the simple activity can accomplish the objective of customization and adaptable preparing.

The laser marking machine engraves the hardware with a beautiful pattern, with a minimum line width of 0.02 mm, it’s durable, beautiful and clear finished. The laser marker can print 2D barcodes with higher definition more accurately because of the need to print large amounts of text and graphics on very small hardware products. Compared with embossing or inkjet marking technology, the powerful functional advantages make the laser marking machine have a broader market at home and abroad.

Laser marking brings efficiency and improve strength among fierce market competition. Taste Laser provides professional solutions.

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