What Is the Purpose of a Security Operations Center?

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Many businesses rely on cybersecurity firms to monitor their operations and look for weaknesses and indications of attacks on their organization. A security operations center (SOC) is the location where the cyber security team carries out their functions from. An SOC will usually have engineers and security analyst working to protect organizations who employ them, with the SOC’s day-to-day operations overseen by a manager.

How SOCs Operate

A security operations center is not typically a place where security strategies are developed. Instead, their primary purpose is analyzing cyber security threats, reporting those threats, and then acting on them to protect the interests of the businesses they are working for. They may be able to reverse engineer malware and spyware (see the dangers here), and they can often provide crypto analysis and forensic analysis.

Each SOC is organized and defined by clear goals from the start so that the business they work for knows what they’ll be doing, and what kind of support they can expect from the SOC. An initial operation strategy will be developed when the security operations center is formed, and then infrastructure will be put in place to provide support.

The infrastructure can include security probes, a set of breach detection parameters, firewalls, and event management plans. Contingencies should be in place from the beginning to determine how different cyber security threats will be dealt with, and how the organization will be protected.

Why Have a Security Operations Center?

There are a number of advantages to setting up and supporting an SOC, the main aim of which is to protect a business from cyber security threats of all kinds. The SOC can detect problems early, before they have a chance to spread, minimizing the damage and preserving the integrity of the organization they work for.

They provide 24/7 monitoring which allows them to quickly and efficiently deal with security threats of all kinds. It also allows them to look for weaknesses in the company’s security infrastructure and deal with them in an organized fashion.

Security operations centers offer one of the best methods for detecting security threats and protecting against them, no matter when these threats may occur.

An SOC can be incredibly cost effective, saving businesses thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, depending on the size of the business.

Running an Efficient SOC

For a security operations center to be effective, the SOC team needs to stay up to date on the latest cyber security threats and solutions. The team needs to be well staffed as well, and their equipment should be up to date so that it can detect and respond to cyber security threats effectively.

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