What is the Best Muscle Recovery Supplement?

When engaged in a weight training routine, recovery is of utmost importance. After all, working out causes micro-tears in your muscles that need to be repaired in order for them to grow larger. That is the sole purpose of muscle building and working out, to gain strength and muscle size. When engaged in exercise, the best possible muscle recovery supplements are protein-based. These protein supplements rebuild muscles, stimulate recovery, and allow for a repeated exercise not long after the training session.

When deciding on the best supplements for recovery, there are two major talking points that have consumed the fitness world. Most recently, muscle growth has been a massively researched topic alongside Collagen Peptides. Both factors heavily influence the industry at the moment, and it is important to understand how the best muscle recovery supplements contribute to muscle growth and performance. When used separately or in conjunction with one another, it is best to identify the best muscle recovery supplements and how they can contribute to your training success.

Muscle Growth

Upon training, you are creating micro-tears in your muscles that need repairing as soon as possible. For optimal results and the ability to train soon after the most recent training session, consuming a fast-absorbing protein shake is the best idea immediately after the workout. The consensus behind the post-workout shake is that proteins will be used by the body to repair and build newer, stronger muscles. It is, therefore, best to consume a post-workout shake within 30 minutes of a workout for optimal recovery. The proteins will be readily absorbed to recover your muscles as soon as possible, instead of waiting longer to fuel the body with nutrients.

While there are countless theories surrounding the exact timing of the post-workout window, the sooner you consume the protein nutrients the better. It is not easy to build newer muscles and supplementing with recovery shakes gives a nice advantage in doing so. It is often difficult for people to consume a chicken or turkey breast, for example, immediately following a workout. Whey protein gives a similar protein count and is absorbed faster by the body. This makes whey protein an excellent supplement to build and maintain muscle when used in conjunction with a workout routine.

Overall, try to use whey protein as a post-workout snack immediately after exercise. Try combining the whey protein with simple sugars such as fruit to replenish glycogen in the muscles as well. Often times, replenishing the body with immediate nutrients is necessary to encourage recovery and boost muscle growth. For further recovery later on in the day, supplementing with casein protein might also be useful. Casein protein is a slower absorbing protein that is perfect for pre-bedtime consumption. Protein is necessary for building muscle, so consuming enough during the day is important to strong results in terms of performance and muscle mass gain.  

What are Collagen Peptides?

Next, Collagen Peptides have been a major talking point in the fitness industry for a while now. But what exactly are they?

Collagen peptides are a versatile source of protein that is used by the body to promote healthy bones and joints. As a matter of fact, collagen is the most abundant protein found in the body. Collagen Peptides can be used to relieve joint pain since they are amino acids that will be used to rebuild and protect joint cartilage. As people age, or even through excessive use, joints can become inflamed or deteriorate over time. Collagen Peptides can rebuild these joints and cartilages and even fight some forms of arthritis. In the elderly, these amino acids can even fight and prevent bone loss.

Collagen peptides are also particularly useful for the maintenance of clear beautiful skin. Peptides are amino acids that prevent dryness and wrinkles as people age. As people age, less collagen is produced in the skin. Supplementing with Collagen Peptides rebuilds the skin and encourages the body to produce collagen on its own. In order to fight wrinkles, try supplementing with Collagen Peptides to see if it works for you.

Finally, Collagen Peptides can be used to boost muscle mass since collagen is naturally found in muscles, to begin with. Supplementing with Collagen Peptides as part of the post-workout stack might help give an advantage in gaining muscle mass. Especially in the elderly, they begin to lose muscle mass at a consistent rate. Supplementing with Collagen Peptides might help slow down the rate of muscle and bone loss, and encourage growth down the line.

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