What is the Best Fully Automated Cinema Management Solution

Whether you are new to the digital cinema industry, or want to upgrade your current cinema management system, an automated cinema management solution can help you manage multiple tasks at the same time. Above all, it will help you save management costs and increase your overall revenue.

Autonomous cinema management solution offers multiple features that allow cinemas to schedule different shows, create and distribute playlists, transfer content to an appropriate screen based on its features, clean the unused content from the system, and so much more.

This automated cinema management solution offers the following features… 

POS Integration

RB is integrated with the point-of-sale (POS) system for digital cinema. Therefore, it extracts required information such as the number of tickets sold, exact time of a show, screen ID, as well as other key details from the cinema’s POS system, and then uses it to run different operations.

CPL Mapping

CPL mapping is about grouping CPLs into a single entity. Later identifiers are assigned to each entity, which are used for different purposes.

UniqueX’s team gets feature IDs from the POS system of the cinema, and then uses the feature ID to map different versions of a feature. Each version of a feature has attribute tags (such as DBOX, IMAX, ATMOS, 4K, etc.).

UniqueX’ FilmDatabase contains all the information related to mapping and tagging. RB theatre management solution extracts the information from the database at pre-determined intervals.

Smart CPL Selection

Just like tagging features with different attributes, you can also tag screens with different attributes. It will help the CPL selector choose the right version of a feature for a screen according to its attributes. Some examples of the tags you can assign to a screen include DBOX, IMAX, ATMOS, and 4K.

Playlist Template

RB theatre management solution offers a dynamic playlist template that is created using the information pulled from your cinema’s POS system. The template will use content placeholders, dynamic cues, and macros.

RB will also use feature attributes, screen attributes, and linked ads and trailers to automatically create and schedule a playlist.

Content Transfer

When RB creates a new playlist, it cleanses the existing playlist or content that has not been used to create space for the new content. It also transfers the content to a cinema’s system 1 day before the scheduled time of the show.

Other Processes

In addition to the above-mentioned features, RB also allows its users to perform certain actions at the end or start of the day. Some examples of these actions include:

  • Turn all the cinema lights on when required
  • Turn the ventilation system on
  • Turn off lamps or projectors
  • Turn projectors on

You can tell the system to perform all these tasks in a particular sequence. Controlling multiple tasks through an automated cinema management solution will help you save both cost and time by limiting your electricity consumption, and wear and tear of your projectors.

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