What is Moissanite and Why People Prefer to Choose It over Diamonds?

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Do you need a wonderful gemstone for your jewelry? Then you should check Moissanite stone. It is a gemstone that is born from the stars. It has different more colored sparkles than the diamond. Its hardness is 9.25, while diamond has a hardness of 10.

Do most people need to know that what is Moissanite? Well! It is carbon silicate with different chemical makeup than diamonds. At the same time, diamond is pure carbon. It helps to prevent oil and dirt well than diamonds.

While the diamond is available in only that size and shape in which earth grows it.  So, you can choose Moissanite for your engagement ring accordingly.

Are There Different Grades of Moissanite Rings?

After getting the exact answers about what is Moissanite, most people want to know about the variations of these stones. The technology was only inventive enough to make greenish-yellow stones. It is still available in the market, and we say it is a “Classic” Moissanite. Since people really wanted a good alternative to diamonds, gem researchers constantly experimented with colorless Moissanite.

There are three grades of this gem that are:

1.      Colorless Moissanite is like an E-colored diamond

2.      Near-colorless Moissanite is like an H-colored diamond

3.      Faint types of colors are like J colored diamond

Among all these three grades, forever colorless Moissanite is the whitest in the range of D-E-F. These original stones are great moissanite engagement ring choices.

Does Moissanite Have Resale Value?

There was no resale market for classic Moissanite because of many clear reasons. At the same time, colorless and near-colorless moissanite gems are becoming popular in resale markets. Obviously, like other jewelry and vehicles, it will show an initial decline. It means that colorless Moissanite is starting to bloom in the market.

Can I Pass Off My Moissanite Ring as A Diamond?

We personally do not recommend you to pass Moissanite over the diamond. The reason is, although they look the same, there are graphic changes that you can see with the naked eye. Further, according to us, Moissanite has its arrogant rights. You don’t need to be ashamed of having more maintainable gemstones than diamonds.

The colorless and near-colorless Moissanite looks like a Diamond. Besides this, on a standard diamond tester, Moissanite is the only gem that passes as a diamond.

Naturally Occurring Moissanite is Rarer than Diamond:

Rarity is the apparent handiness of a gem. Moissanite is rarer on earth than diamond. Naturally, occurring Moissanite is present in very little quantity and not appropriate for jewelry. After too much research, few companies all over the world are able to grow suitable moissanite crystals for making jewelry.

Final Verdict:

Finally, we have concluded that Moissanite is super sparkly with many colors. It is best because of its hardness and reflection. You don’t need to worry about its shine and smartness. It will always be attractive and bright. Besides this, there are three grades of this gem, but the whitest and beautiful is a forever colorless gem. You can use it in engagement rings.

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