What is K-Beauty?

Beauty trends may not stick around for very long, but quality beauty products are timeless. K-Beauty skincare products are Korean items designed for hydrating your skin and making you look beautiful without the need for make-up. If you haven’t heard about these amazing products and what they can do for your skin, then you are in for a treat. 

Korean beauty products work with what you have, and try to enhance your natural look instead of covering up your inherent beauty. They treat you as though you are already beautiful, which is really refreshing. The standard K-beauty routine consists of 10 steps, and include the following steps…

The Cleanse

The way you clean up your face in the evening with these products is by starting with an oil-based cleanser, and then moving on to a water based one. This helps to get rid of impurities, clear away any debris, and leave your face looking fresh and radiant, without any leftover oil residue to make you look overly shiny. If you are doing a morning facial cleanser, just use water. 


Moving on to exfoliating next, you want to use a slightly abrasive product that incorporates sugar or sand. This gets tough impurities out, and using this regularly and properly will reduce skin irritation. Do an exfoliation on your skin about twice a week, and be careful about working your skin too hard during this process. 


Toners will work with the cleansers to tidy up your skin and ensure that your skin has the right moisture levels. This is important, because hydrated skin will absorb skincare components better, making them more effective. Don’t skip this step of the K-Beauty process. 


This product combines serum and toner to make your skin more resilient to damage. It is really easy to use, and you just need to pat it onto your face and neck areas for extra protection during the day. 

Skin Serum and Sheet Mask

This is a targeting treatment that you can use in areas where your skin is extra sensitive or more likely to pigment or wrinkle. Follow it up with a sheet mask to give your skin vitamins it needs to look its best.

These are just some of the steps you need to follow.

You can also use an eye cream to target the circles and bags around your eyes. Skin moisturizer with SPF will do double duty, and safeguard you from he sun while keeping your skin hydrated.

You can get the best selection of K-Beauty products at https://www.shoppalacebeauty.com. It’s a great beauty store where you can find everything you need for a full beauty routine. Give the K-beauty trend a try, and see your skin improve before your very eyes!

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