What is Ibogaine and Ibogaine Treatment?

What is Ibogaine

Ibogaine extracts have been used in Gabon, Africa, during ritual practices and spiritual traditions by the Bwiti tribe for centuries. They use it to facilitate introspect during initiation rights and claim to have learned these traditions from the Pygmy.

Ibogaine is life-transforming plant medicine. Ibogaine is an all-natural occurring alkaloids from root bark of the West African plant, tabernanthe iboga. In more recent years, it has also been celebrated for its groundbreaking effect in addiction treatment, PTSD, and asymptomatic depression.

Ibogaine became known throughout the world in the mid-’60s, and it was found to have anti-addictive properties. There are several options for ibogaine treatment in mexico (see here). This is an alkaloid extracted and formulated from the Iboga plant.

Ibogaine has certain hallucinogenic properties that have made it the subject of controversy. These properties cause the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to doubt its effectiveness in interrupting addictions to drugs like heroin, alcohol, cocaine, methadone, and others. However, there are thousands of cases worldwide where Ibogaine has effectively treated addictions.

Currently, it has been prohibited in the United States and a few other countries while it is still being researched. Both Canada and Mexico allow Ibogaine therapy and contribute to the research and understanding of the use of Ibogaine to detoxify and rehabilitate addictions.

The use of Ibogaine for addiction treatment has increased worldwide. It is now used in more than 12 countries on six continents. It is known to be effective for chemical dependence, especially heroin, methadone, powder cocaine, crack cocaine, alcohol, methamphetamine, opiates, and others.

Ibogaine induced psychological introspection puts your mind into a deeper level of self-understanding for the individual. The potential benefits derived from one or two sessions of ibogaine addiction treatment have placed ibogaine therapy in a unique and original position in psychiatric medicine in the world today.

Ibogaine treatment allows one to detox from various addictive substances. Ibogaine offers opiate addiction interruption – this includes prescription opioids, heroin, morphine, methadone, and various other drugs, according to https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5996271/.

Alcohol addiction interruption is offered, as well. However, this type of treatment requires more time, and the length of stay is customized to the individual.

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