What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a completely naturally occurring phenomenon. We go into this “trance” state several times per day. Some may even call it daydreaming. You may have felt this as you’re driving a car, reading your favorite novel, or even listening to music. Hypnosis is a heightened state of awareness and focus, which your unconscious mind is communicated with.

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Hypnosis is a trance state under the supervision of a Hypnotherapist who guides you into this awareness state by using several methods.

There are several stages of hypnosis: pre-talk, induction, suggestibility tests, deepeners, suggestions, and awakening.

The pre-talk phase is when the client and Hypnotherapist discuss the desired outcome: quitting smoking, weight management, confidence boost, and anxiety relief to name a few (hypnosis has many amazing purposes).

The next phase is called “induction.” The induction phase is the beginning of hypnosis. Where your eyes are closed, and you begin to feel as if you are drifting away. This phase is extremely relaxing and calming. Some say they tend to look inward as they are counted down.

Suggestibility tests are simply hypnotic convincers. A set of tests to show and prove the state of hypnosis. Some of these tests include having your hand feel extremely heavy, smelling or tasting a fictitious lemon, feeling chills or warmth, rapid eye movements, magnetic fingers and many more. Some clients indicate they did not feel as if they were hypnotized, these tests help prove otherwise.

A hypnotic deepener is a method to strengthen the trance state. Some Hypnotists count down or ask you to walk down imaginary stairs. These are all powerful tools to increase positive results.

The “suggestions” is the new coding. This is the most crucial part of the session. This is where the new behavior is installed. There are several powerful methods that can be used. By far, the most popular are metaphors. The mind loves stories and images. This is a very powerful method of “indirect suggestion.” The unconscious mind will sort out the meaning and simply comply with the new codes. Some Hypnotists chose to use “direct suggestions.” These suggestions are to the point. “You are healthy!” “You are confident and strong!” The trained Hypnotist may blend several different methods of suggestions to ensure the desired outcome.

The awakening portion of the session is also very important. The Hypnotherapist must ensure to do this safely and instruct the client what to do. Upon wakening the client is still open to suggestions, the Hypnotist must close this loop quickly (to avoid any negative thoughts entering the client’s mind.

If your next question is “where can I find a certified Hypnotherapist near me?” The answer is you already have!

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