What is Field Service Software and How Does it Work

If you work in a business or industry whereby certain tasks are performed outside of the office setting, such as delivering products or services to people’s homes or business locations, you’ll likely have heard of field service software.

Field service software, also known as field service management software, refers to programs and systems which are designed to improve operational activities outside of the office. 

For example, a company who installs heating solutions in homes and businesses, will likely have a team of field engineers who go out to each location to install the equipment. To support their roles, they will likely use some form of field service software. This software allows them to use specific features, such as:

1. Access Customer Data

Field service software can include the option to connect to the customer database, allow field engineers to quickly access customer information, such as their home address, phone number and any information regarding their order.

2. Stock Management

Engineers in the field can have instant access to the full stock inventory, allowing them to see if a spare part is available, where it is located, and how much it costs. Items can then be instantly ordered for collection or delivery.

3. Use Call Logging

Call logging software allows for the efficient assigning of jobs, based on an engineer’s location and availability. It also works as a record of any calls made regarding a job, which can be accessed at a later stage.


Quotation software allows field engineers to offer customers instant quotes on the spot, including useful information such as pricing and availability via the connected field service software.

5. Invoicing

For new orders of products and services, engineers in the field can also provide invoices using field service software, helping to reduce time and ensuring you never miss an important payment for a job.

6. Reporting

A fully customised reporting function can provide you with a useful picture of performance of your field engineers, with a summary of jobs completed, tasks outstanding, revenues collected, and much more.

Before field service management software was mainstream, engineers in the field would usually have to complete such tasks manually, such as taking handwritten notes and typing up at a later stage, or having to make frequent phone calls to their HQ in order to book in future appointments or order spare parts. Field service software allows engineers to work much more efficiently, reducing their own time on the job, and time spent in customers’ homes and businesses.

The types of businesses using field service software today are vast, and include industries such as telecommunications and information technology, to catering and medical equipment. The size of businesses using field service software can range to less than 5 employees right up to multinational organisations.

The main reason businesses appear to be using field service software is to improve their processes and become much more efficient, allowing them to save time and money, and offer a much better customer experience.



Ashley Macdonald
Ashley has recently joined the FeedsPortal content writing team and brings with her a wealth of journalistic experience, which we believe our readers will find extremely useful.

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