What is Epithalon?

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Epithalon is a polypeptide and a well-recognized drug made by the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology. It is the man-made analogue of Epithalamion, a bovine pineal gland extract. The drug has many other names, including Epitalon and Epitalon acetate.

How does it work?

Epithalon is also called ‘the fountain of youth’ protein because of the function it plays in the body. It improves the life expectancy of a cell and encourages the proliferation and formation of healthy, new cells. It also promotes the elongation of the chromosome, particularly its ends, which are also called telomeres.

The length of telomeres affects cell health and division. Young people generally have longer telomeres. As we get older, the length of our chromosomes (telomeres) starts getting shorter because of the reduced activity of an enzyme that controls telomere’s length. As a result, our cells start ageing soon.

Benefits of Epithalon

Epithalon drug has the following clinical advantages.

Improves the life expectancy

Some animal studies indicate that taking epithanol can increase lifespan and life quality. It is believed that epithanol shows this response by preventing chromosomal aberration (change in the normal structure or number of chromosomes) in the bone marrow cells.

It was found out that the administration of epithalon increased the lifespan of mice by 13.3%, and it reduced the chances of the development of leukaemia by six-fold compared to the control group. The study proved the effectiveness of epithanol in improving longevity and quality of life.

Reduces the size of tumour

Another benefit of epithanol is that it reduces the number of tumours. It may also decrease the size of the tumour. Research studies show that mice that were given epithanol showed a reduction in metastasis (the spread of cancer cells in the surrounding areas or other parts of the body) in lung cancer compared to mice who were not given epithanol.

In addition to this, researchers also found out that the drug decreased the chances of tumour development at the genetic level. It diminished the expression of certain genes that were involved in the generation of cancer. Epithanol may also prevent programmed cell death.

Shows anti-oxidant properties

Anti-oxidants are substances that decrease the level of free radicals in the body. When the level of free radicals increases in the body, they damage healthy body cells and promote premature cell ageing and tissue destruction.

Epithanol also shows the anti-oxidant property. It can reduce the damaging effect of free radicals and prevent free radical-mediated injury of the tissue. One of the most important elements of Epithanol is melatonin that is involved in the prevention of heart issues, neurodegenerative problems, and diabetes.


Today, epithanol treatment is used for a variety of age-related ailments. Many animal studies show its beneficial effects on tumour reduction and life quality.

Contact a doctor to find out if you are a suitable candidate for this treatment or not. The doctor will explain different benefits and other things that you can expect after starting the treatment.

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