What is Complex PTSD?

complex ptsd
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Complex post-traumatic stress disorder (complex PTSD) is an anxiety disorder that develops after repeated or prolonged trauma. People with this mental health condition experience the main symptoms of PTSD, as well as some other symptoms such as:

  • Having trouble in expressing their emotions
  • Feeling helpless and ashamed
  • Not being able to maintain relationships due to trust issues
  • Not being able to talk like normal people, because they feel no one can understand them, and the world is an unsafe place
  • Losing control over emotions, such as anger
  • Having nightmares, flashbacks related to trauma, and suicidal thoughts
  • Physical symptoms include tiredness, headache, chest discomfort and stomach ache

These symptoms may vary from person to person. They may also change with the passage of time.

How does Complex PTSD Develop?

It develops after a long-term trauma. Here are a few traumatic events that can lead to complex PTSD…

  • Long-term childhood neglect, sexual or physical abuse
  • Long-standing domestic abuse
  • Involuntary prostitution, slavery, or kidnapping
  • Witnessing violent acts for a long duration
  • Living in conflict-affected areas, or becoming a war prisoner

A few more risk factors that can cause complex PTSD…

  • Multiple traumas: Experiencing a new trauma, without being able to heal from the previous one.
  • Trauma at an early age: A developing brain is more vulnerable compared to a developed brain.
  • Long-term trauma: A situation where the victim has no power to control his/her situation.

Complex PTSD and BPD: How are they different?

Complex PTSD is a new concept compared to borderline personality disorder (BPD). It also has a variable nature due to which some professionals may misdiagnose this condition. Many areas of complex PTSD overlap with the areas of BPD. That is why people with complex PTSD are often said to have BPD when, in reality, they have complex PTSD.

Though these conditions have some similarities, there are some prominent differences as well. A person with complex PTSD consistently sees himself in a negative light. On the other hand, the self perception of a person suffering from PBD keeps changing.

Treatment for Complex PTSD

Complex PTSD is a relatively new condition, which is why health professionals are still trying to understand it better to develop suitable treatment options. Some mental health professionals may offer the following treatments…

  • Medications that can help them handle thevanxiety and depression
  • Talk therapy, to help them share their feelings about the world and people around them
  • Cognitive behaviour therapy to change thought patterns

If you want to fight off your complex PTSD, or help other people with this anxiety disorder, you can sign up for a PTSD course online from The PTSD Academy Course Catalog (https://ptsdacademy.com/). This PTSD course is taught in conjunction with current policies, information, and discoveries related to PTSD. The PTSD course online is taught online in virtual classrooms.

Premedical Solutions, LLC was founded in 2006 to help society overcome the physician shortage and understand PTSD better. It has professional leaders from different fields including education, research, and clinical practice, who share their knowledge and experiences with others through the PTSD course . Check them out today to see how they can help you.

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