What Is an Email Parser?

email parser
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It can be time-consuming to sort through all of your business emails, and you may have trouble differentiating between essential emails, personal emails, and junk email. How much time do you spend sifting through all of that? Don’t you think your time could be spent better elsewhere?

That mail piles up, especially when you keep it in your inbox and then you try to find a specific email later on. An email parser program can save you time by sorting it for you, and pulling out key information from emails to save you precious time.

What Does an Email Parser Do?

This program can be customized to look for specific phrases and words in your email, and then it extracts the vital details from incoming email to help you find the mail you need. The program works automatically to take the specified data and separate it as a plain text packet that declutters the email inbox.

How Can an Email Parser Be Used?

Does your business receive a lot of emails each day? Using an email parser can help you to utilize your resources better, and you won’t need to have staff members look over each email manually to determine its value and use, says TheMuse. This program actually removes the risk of human error in this key aspect of your business, and important information like client names, addresses and phone numbers can be copied and pasted to the information packet by the parsing program without any risk of a data entry mistake (source).

Email Parser Advantages

Here are some specific benefits to using an email parser program.

Automates Workflow– If you can automate a part of your business, then that can save you money and help you better allocate personnel to essential tasks. Because an email parser program can remove the need for manual human efforts, it is incredibly valuable to any business.

Cuts Costs– Manual data entry can become expensive, and you can save money by replacing a human with a faster, automated program that isn’t as prone to making errors. To have the work done faster, better, and without the use of another employee means big savings for your company, especially when you calculate those savings over time.

Processes Faster – You can have an email parser program working even when employees are off the clock. That means you will be getting work done faster and spend less time waiting on data to be collected. You also won’t have to worry about the employees assigned to that duty taking time off for vacation and sick days.

Improves Quality– Email parsing is a fully automated process, so your parsing software will continue running even if you or your employees are unavailable. Emails still flow into your business when you are out of the office for different reasons, such as vacation time, sick leave, or attending conferences.

One service we recommend is emails-to-sheets.com, as we were able to parse emails well with their offering. Check them out!

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