What Is a Poké Ball?

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Poké Balls are small, handheld devices that Pokémon trainers use to carry their Pokémon around.

How Do Poké Balls Work?

No one knows exactly how they work, but wild Pokémon can be trapped inside them, and then easily transported. There is a danger that Pokémon can break out of the balls, though, if they’ve not been weakened enough. Smart Pokémon trainers will attempt to capture wild Pokémon only after they’ve been exhausted in battle first. Otherwise, they could burst from the Poké Ball.

After a Poké Ball has been used to capture a Pokémon, the trainer can release the Pokémon at any time, and then recall them back to the Poké Ball when needed.

A Poké Ball doesn’t always stay the same size. It can be shrunk to allow trainers to place them into their pocket for easy transportation. With the click of a button, the size of the ball can be instantly reduced. Then, when the trainer is ready to release the Pokémon trapped inside the ball, they just need to depress the button once more to turn the ball back to its original size.

Is There a Limit to How Many Pokémon Can Be on a Single Team?

If a trainer uses their Poké Ball to capture a new wild Pokémon, and they already have at least six Pokémon on their team, something interesting happens. That 7th Pokémon will become transferred into the storage system for the trainer. Whenever the trainer decides to get rid of a Pokémon, they can release the creature from their Poké Ball. When this happens though, that Poké Ball won’t work any longer and will have to be discarded.

What Happens to Hatching Pokémon?

When Pokémon hatch out of their eggs, they get transferred to a Poké Ball automatically. What’s incredible about this is that even if the trainer doesn’t have a Poké Ball on them, the hatching Pokémon will still transfer over to a ball, which will be newly created.

There are exceptions to this rule, particularly for Shedinja. If Shedinja appears after Nincada evolves and turns into Ninjask, Shedinja won’t automatically transfer over to a Poké Ball from the egg. The trainer will have to have a Poké Ball in their inventory as well as free space for Shedinja to join.

A Large Variety of Poké Balls

There are lots of different kinds of Poké Balls out there, but the typical one will have a red and white design. You can also come across Great Ball, Ultra Ball, and Master Ball Poké Balls, according to Fandom, so look out for these more advanced versions that offer greater power for trainers.

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