What is a Holistic Dentist and Reasons to See One

With the rise of alternative and organic options regarding medicine and health, dentistry is the next field that has been revolutionized in this way. We’re talking about holistic dentistry which is something dentists start practicing more and more as statistics point out. Besides just taking care of your teeth, these dentists have in mind your overall health and fitness with caring for your whole teeth structure and more. Sounds intriguing enough? Let’s dive deeper into what a holistic dentist is and why you should consider seeing one!

The Scope of Work of the Holistic Dentists

The first thing you’ll hear about holistic dentists is that they’re different from the standard ones. The latter are the conventional ones who work strictly based on what’s scientifically proven like treating root canals and such.

On the other hand, holistic dentists include lots of natural cures in their work like herbs and usually exclude fluoride. They go by other names like biological dentists or metal-free dentists because they don’t use metal or mercury. When a patient comes in, they don’t just check their oral health, but also the complete health of the person as a whole.

Why Should I See One?

The list of potential reasons why you should consider visiting one such dentist can be pretty long. For that reason, we decided to include some of the most common reasons why more and more patients think of using the services of holistic dentists rather than regular ones.

They’re aware of the materials they use– Holistic dentists tend to work with ceramics when it comes to oral health. Having said that, the fillings are composite and natural opposite to the metal ones utilized by traditional dentists. That’s because they’re considered toxic by holistic dentists.

They guide the patients towards a healthier lifestyle – Besides them being trained to be dentists, these people take into consideration the food they patient should be eating, their levels of stress and mental health, and similar. Fields like naturopathy as well as acupuncture are familiar to them, too.

They offer inclusive care for the teeth – Holistic dentists won’t just take care of a problem you may have with your teeth. They’ll further examine the reasons why it occurred and record your overall health.

They balance the appearance and the function of the teeth – The holistic approach enables the dentists who practice it to look at both the form of your teeth as well as their function. Based on that, they craft comprehensive dental care.

They use high-end and modern technology – On the websites of many dentists of this type, people can see the modern technology placed in the offices they operate in. All of that is to create a secure atmosphere that guarantees no unnecessary pain.

Some Final Words

Untraditional dental practices need to be tested so that the patients are safe and are guaranteed effectiveness. That’s why finding the right holistic dentist is crucial if someone decided to try this type of dentistry.

What’s your opinion? Have you visited a holistic dentist yet? What was your experience like? We’d like to hear all about it!

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