What is a Blower Motor and How Do You Properly Maintain It?

blower motor

Many of you will have heard of a blower motor, but you may not be sure what it is actually is. Let’s put you right in the picture. A blower motor can be best described as a component within the HVAC system of your home. The motor functions by blowing hot air through the vents in your system to keep your home warm. Similarly, it also blows cold air when you want to keep your home cool.

Principally, there are two types of blower motors, namely, a single-speed motor and a variable-speed motor. As the names suggest, a single-speed blower motor consistent blows air at the same speed time after time. On the other hand, a variable-speed motor is able to adjust itself to blow air at varying levels depending on your requirements. Essentially, a blower is vital to having a comfortable temperature in your home.

Tips for Choosing a Blower Motor

If you are looking for tips on what replacement blower motor to select, we would recommend that you try and get an exact replacement unit. If you don’t know what model your blower is, just get a note of the serial number and check with the company who supplies the motor and you will likely be able to get a replacement unit ordered.

If the blower motor is old and is no longer manufactured, it can be possible to find a “universal” model that may be compatible as a replacement. Make doubly sure that the motor is compatible before buying it.

Look After Your Blower Motor

It is essential that you take measures to properly maintain your blower motor. If you notice that your furnace is running, yet the house feels cold, it may not be working properly. This is when a repair or replacement may need to be sourced. Sometimes it could be the case that you need to source replacement parts, rather than replacing the whole unit. There are plenty of websites where you can source HSI blower parts from.

Before it gets to that stage, make sure you regularly lubricate the motor, as well as ensuring the fan blades are wiped down. You may wish to check for regular wear and tear now and again. If you don’t maintain your blower motor, there will be a greater chance of the motor wearing out or breaking down.

For more information about blower motors and other types of systems, such as wastewater blower systems, head over to lonestarblower.com.

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